Chef Mel talks new book ‘Sweet Treats from Brownies to Brioche’

Everyone’s got a little bit of a sweet tooth, right? Food Network Chef Melodie ‘Mel’ Asseraf is helping us satisfy that sweet tooth with her new recipe book ‘Sweet Treats from Brownies to Brioche: 10 Ingredients, 100 Recipes.’ Each recipe only needs 10 ingredients and Mel also shares how to pack your pantry like a chef and what kind of utensils you need to have. She says the book also includes tips and tricks on how to create your own variation of ingredients like how to turn granulated sugar into light brown sugar. Mel wanted this book to serve as a blanket recipe book so that everyone can easily put their own spin on the recipes rather than using one recipe every once in a while. The book also teaches you baking fundamentals such as making caramel or puff pastry. Mel included what she calls a ‘troubleshooting’ section of the book which explains what to do if a mistake is made. To learn more about Chef Mel or her book ‘Sweet Treats from Brownies to Brioche’ head to