How a quadruple amputee goes snow drifting, Ken Block style


Taylor Morris gained a measure of Internet fame last year after his friends shared the story of him and his girlfriend working through his new life as a quad amputee after surviving a brutal attack in Afghanistan. Now those same friends have shown how Morris can take a car drifting around the snowy fields of Iowa like a frostbitten Ken Block. It's not as easy as it looks.

Morris, 23, enlisted in 2007 as an explosive ordnance disposal technician in the Navy. While on patrol in Afghanistan last May, Morris stepped on a homemade bomb that took both his legs above the knee, his left arm and his right hand. Since then, he and high-school sweetheart Danielle Kelly have kept a running blog about their story of his rehabilitation, including his training to use advanced prosthetics.

Over the New Year's holiday in his Iowa hometown, Morris and his pals on a whim decided to recreate some of drift stuntman Ken Block's moves, using the only appropriate vehicle available -- a manual-shifted Mazda 6. On the blog, Kelly described the set-up involved in getting Morris behind the wheel:

After a few runs they decided to go all in, strapping his left foot to the clutch… there was no going back now. Being the safe(ty) conscious guys that they obviously are, they developed a safe word for times of emergency. When the safe word was screamed the passenger would throw the stick to neutral and pull the e-brake and hold on for dear life! The safe word had to be used multiple times to save the out of control vehicle. Taylor admitted he was able to do a lot more than he thought he would be able to but he also admitted he was terrified at times.

Since filming the stunt, Morris' pals have turned it into a campaign to get Block himself interested in sharing a ride — although Kelly reveals a few runs cut from the video ended with the Mazda in a snow bank. It will take more than a little snow to stop Taylor Morris.