Bobs on the ballot: WA AG responds to 2 new gubernatorial candidates sharing his name

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SEATTLE - Washington Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bob Ferguson responded after two people sharing his name filed to be on the primary ballot just before the deadline.

There are now three total Bob Fergusons listed in the race, as two additional gubernatorial candidates filed at 1:13 and 1:40 p.m. on Friday.

On the list of candidates for the 2024 Primary, the other two Bob Fergusons have the same mailing address in Olympia, the only difference being a dash (-) symbol at the end of one of the addresses. They also have similar emails, listed as "" and ""

Republican activist Glen Morgan claims he is the volunteer campaign manager for two of the Bob Fergusons, saying he put them in the race because he believes "they are both superior in every way to the AG running for the same office."

In response to this, Ferguson, a Democratic frontrunner in the gubernatorial race, posted a quote from former Washington governor Christine Gregoire, who condemned the last-minute filings and called it "an attack on our democracy."

"There’s only one Bob Ferguson who is qualified to be Governor – one who has a long and distinguished career standing up for Washingtonians. There’s no doubt this last-minute filing by two unknown ‘Bob Fergusons’ is an effort to deliberately confuse Washington voters. It's nothing less than an attack on our democracy. Washington voters are smart and will see through this highly deceiving - and potentially illegal - effort to mislead them," Gregoire said.

The other two Bob Fergusons are also listed as Democrats, only adding to the confusion.

Ferguson posted on X again on Saturday, maintaining that these new candidates are only meant to confuse voters and diminish votes.

In total, there are 30 candidates listed for the Washington gubernatorial race. Thirteen are listed as Democratic, and nine are Republican. Ferguson's biggest challengers in the race are Republican Semi Bird, Republican Dave Reichert, and Democrat Mark Mullet.

If the other two Bob Fergusons stay in the race, information will likely be added on the ballot to differentiate the three.


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