Authorities probing illegal sale of diesel after Malaysia truck spotted in alleged fuel dispensing activities in Choa Chu Kang

It is an offence under Singapore’s fire safety act as the premises are unlicensed.

The illegal diesel transaction allegedly took place in Gali Batu heavy vehicle park. (PHOTO: Facebook/SG Vigilante)
The illegal diesel transaction allegedly took place in Gali Batu heavy vehicle park. (PHOTO: Facebook/SG Vigilante)

SINGAPORE — A Malaysian truck was caught on camera allegedly transferring diesel to two containers that were stored in a lorry next to it. Under the Fire Safety Act, It is illegal to store or dispense petroleum and flammable materials at unlicensed premises.

The video, which was shared on Facebook page, SG Vigilante, on 15 April, showed the two vehicles at a carpark carrying out the alleged transaction what appears to be Gali Batu heavy vehicle carpark near Choa Chu Kang.

There were also two men in dressed in red tops captured in the video, speaking to one another. The footage looked to be taken from a dashcam and the timestamp shows the date of recording to be 5pm on 1 November 2023.

Lorry driver claims such diesel transactions commonplace

When reporters from Shin Min Daily News visited the car park, no transactions were taking place.

However, a lorry driver only known as Mr Hong told the Chinese Daily that such diesel transactions were commonplace and had been ongoing for a while, some which he claimed he had witnessed himself.

He said that Malaysian drivers would pump the diesel for low prices in Malaysia before entering Singapore for work.

“Since their fuel tanks are still rather full, they will sell it before returning home to earn extra cash,” he explained, adding that it can add up to quite a lot of money for them.

He also said that the transactions often occur at night as there are fewer people around. They are also done in a low-key manner, especially after a crackdown on such operations last year, and it only takes about 10 minutes to complete the transfer of fuel.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesperson told Yahoo Southeast Asia that they were investigating the video clip regarding illegal fuel dispensing activities as it is a fire safety violation under the Fire Safety Act.

Those convicted can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $10,000.

The Straits Times reported that a Singapore Customs spokesperson said that “any illegal diversion of duty-exempted diesel” is closely monitored and enforcement action is taken.

Vehicles entering Singapore are exempted from excise duty and goods and services tax (GST) for the diesel in their fuel tank, under the premise that it is used only for the vehicle’s movement.

Any transfer, purchase, sale, storage, possession or any dealings with the duty-exempted diesel from the fuel tanks of vehicles are offences under the Customs Act and GST Act, said the Singapore Customs spokesperson.

Offenders can be jailed for up to two years and fined up to 20 times the amount of duty and GST evaded.

The authorities had previously clamped down on the sales of illegal diesel at heavy vehicle and industrial carparks, with six offenders issued composition fines last year, according to The Straits Times.

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