Amerie Introduces Her First Full-Length Picture Book, ‘You Will Do Great Things’

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Grammy-nominated singer and bestselling author Amerie’s debut picture book, You Will Do Great Things, is coming.

She spoke with Blavity about the importance of the message in the book and how her transition from singer to author was easier than most think.

You Will Do Great Things is Amerie’s first effort as a solo author. Backed by Macmillan’s Children Publishing Group, the book follows a young boy whose imagination takes off while gazing at family photos. While on his fantastical journey, the boy tries exciting and bold new things, ventures into unexplored worlds, and forms deep connections with his multicultural heritage and the ancestors who imbue him with the strength and courage to make a difference.”

The mother of one says the book is “about the hopes and dreams we hold for our children, about the love and power they carry within them that is passed through generations, as well as the idea that, whether they be on large or small scales.”

Although the main character is a young boy, Amerie notes that the book can be for anyone of any age you want to encourage.

She added, “It’s great for graduates!”

Raissa Figueroa was brought in to create the book’s illustrations. The author describes them as “breathtakingly rich, poignant works of art” that helped bring her vision to life.

It’s been over four years since Amerie’s last music project. In October 2018, she released two EPs on the same day, 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM.

She traded the music charts for the Best Seller list as an editor and contributing writer. Her active Youtube and Instagram are dedicated to “Amerie’s Book Club,” where he reviews monthly literature pics and engages with her her fans.

You Will Do Great Things is available for pre-order.

Watch the full interview below:

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