Amazing Art Shows What Really Goes on Inside a Pregnant Woman’s Belly

Esther Crain

Body paint artist Marieke Crone, left, puts the finishing touches on an incredible visual of what goes on inside the womb. (Photo: Leonie Versantvoort Photography/Facebook)

If a pregnant woman wants to visualize what’s going on inside her growing belly, she can pull out her a grainy sonogram image or stare at the plastic models of pregnant bodies on display in her doctor’s office.

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But until baby bumps come with see-through windows, it’s hard to truly get a sense of what things look like underneath the skin. Which is why it’s almost impossible to peel your eyes away from the colorful and gorgeous painted belly of a very pregnant model that reveals, in anatomical detail, what’s actually unfolding.

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The photos, taken by Dutch maternal and infant photographer Leonie Versantvoort and posted on Versantvoort’s Facebook page, visualize exactly how a nearly full-term infant fits into such a small space, with organs pushed up and out of the way and the baby curled upside-down, practically hugging the umbilical cord.

Versantvoort conceived the idea, she told the Huffington Post, and then brought in body paint artist Marieke Crone and the model into the project, taking photos of the painting process and then the eye-popping final result.

Just how anatomically correct is the image on this bump? It's not perfect, but it's pretty close to the real thing, Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn in Westchester, New York and coauthor of V Is for Vagina, tells Yahoo Parenting.

“It’s a beautiful artist rendering of an almost full-term baby, except the opening of the vagina is a tiny bit off and should be a little further up,” says Dweck. 

“But it’s otherwise perfect and cool as can be, with the baby’s head is in the right presentation, ready to be born,” she says.

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