Abortion ban in Florida fuels election decisions

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Florida’s six-week abortion ban takes effect this week, and both parties are using it to make their cases to voters across the country ahead of November’s elections.

Democrats argue a Trump presidency would institute a similar ban nationwide, but Republicans insist they’re leaving the issue of reproductive rights to the states.

“It’s definitely good news for the cause of life,” said Melanie Israel with the Heritage Foundation. “It’s going to have an immediate lifesaving impact for both women and unborn children.”

Israel said about 40% of abortions occur before six weeks. When the law takes effect Wednesday, that will no longer be an option in Florida.

“I think we’re going to see a significant drop in the number of abortions regardless,” Israel said.

Florida had been a destination for women seeking abortions in surrounding states that have similar bans or restrictions.

“It really is going to have a huge impact on the region,” said Brencia Berry, the national political director for the Democratic National Committee.

Berry said voters should know who’s to blame.

“Trump has been effective at organizing across Republican states to get these laws in place that are just harmful to women,” she said.

Berry stresses a second Biden term would continue to push back against a national abortion ban.

“Women should have the right to make these life-changing, potentially life-threatening decisions about their bodies and their families,” she said.

But Israel argues the abortion debate will work in the GOP’s favor come November.

“A lot of people are actually put off by the extremism that we’re seeing coming from the Left,” she said.

Florida joins neighbors Georgia and South Carolina with a six-week abortion ban.

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