7 cruelty-free companies you need to know about

[Photo: Instagram/ailacosmetics]

Whether you’re looking for a gentle skin care product or you simply feel strongly against animal testing, cruelty-free is a great way to go. Most of these companies use high quality ingredients that are good for both you and the environment which makes it a no brainer!

However incorporating cruelty-free products into your beauty routine may be a tad more difficult as they aren’t as readily available as other products.

A great way to find and support smaller cruelty-free brands is to search for the hashtags #crueltyfreebeauty or #crueltyfreecosmetics on Instagram or Twitter.

To get you started, here are seven cruelty-free companies that you need to know about!


[Photo: Fairy Girl Cosmetics]

Fairy Girl Cosmetics

Fairy Girl offers vegan luxury lipsticks that are cruelty free and offer highly pigmented opaque matte lipsticks. They are packed with antioxidants to nourish and treat your lips, including nurturing ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, coconut, argan, Hawaiian kukui nut, avocado, jojoba seed, and castor seed. These lipsticks are made without parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances and will leave your lips nourished with a delicious cocoa butter scent.

Try: Vegan Lipstick, $32, fairygirlcosmetics.com


[Photo: French Girl Organics]

French Girl Organics

The “French girl chic” aesthetic will always be something we covet and French Girl Organics offers an array of products from skincare to hair care to help you channel your inner Parisian. Not only do these products make you look good, they’re actually good for you too. This brand’s offerings are mostly vegan or organic and are made with pure and natural ingredients.

Try: Rose Sea Salt Spray, from $12, etsy.com

[Photo: Instagram/ailacosmetics]

AILA Nail Polishes

If you’re one to change your nail colour as often as you change your clothese, these toxic-free nail polishes are for you. The natural and organic polishes by Toronto-based AILA,provide beautiful color without compromising the safety of your health. The polishes and removers are even made with ingredients to promote nail growth and health, including ingredients such as pure argan oil to hydrate nail beds and cuticles.

Try: Nail Polish, $21, clementinefields.ca

[Photo: Jolii Cosmetics]

Jolii Cosmetics

A relatively new brand to the scene, Jolli’s products are vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals. While they only have a few colour options right now, the packaging is downright gorgeous! packaging.

Try: Luxe Crème Matte Lipstick, $24, joliicosmetics.com


[Photo: DedCool]


Not only are DedCool’s skincare products cruelty-free, their vegan and all-natural too! Best of all, their products are unisex, which means you can share them with your partner and family.

Try: Fragrance 02, $85, www.dedcool.com


[Photo: OSEA]


OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. Their products are made from natural ingredients and exclude any ingredients that would pollute or harm the planet. Purity, quality and effectiveness are key to their skin care line and its products are formulated with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to boost your skin.

Try: Atmosphere Protection Cream $63, www.oseamalibu.com


Aromi Beauty

Vegan and cruelty-free, Aromi Beauty offers handcrafted cosmetics and fragrances that are formulated from scratch, handcrafted in their labs, and include only the finest ingredients. Its founder, Hannah Follis, is a chemist by trade and worked for many years as a formulation chemist before starting Aromi Beauty.

Try: Berry Nude Matte Liquid Lipsticks $22, aromibeauty.com

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