Zuri Hall recalls Joan Rivers' incredible moment of kindness backstage at 'Fashion Police'

Zuri Hall is one of the most recognizable and trusted faces in celebrity news. Gibson Johns interviews the "Access Hollywood" correspondent about her latest gig co-hosting "American Ninja Warrior" on NBC, what she considers to be her big break in the business and what it was like working with Joan Rivers back in the day on E!'s "Fashion Police." They also discuss the changing nature of entertainment news, how she's able to keep things so positive, beginning her career as a sports correspondent and more.

Video Transcript

ZURI HALL: Even when I guest hosted "Fashion Police," first of all, Joan was the nicest human ever. I was this newbie, so green, didn't come with my own glam team. I didn't even know that you had to book your own glam team. That's just how clueless I was. I come to the show, and I'm just sitting in the dressing room by myself.

And Joan walks by. And she pops her head in because it's like, why is this girl-- isn't she co-hosting the show today? Where are her people? And so she literally goes, where are your people? Don't you-- and I was like, people? I don't have any people. She's like, who's doing your glam? Who's doing your makeup?

I was like, was I supposed to bring-- I don't know. I just came in my little dress and ready to roll. And she was like, oh, no, no, no. So she goes and calls her glam team and says, you guys, do her makeup. Get the girl together. Put her hair together. You look good, sweetie, but we're going to fix you up. I'm fine. I'll do my own stuff. And I'm like, Joan Rivers just gave me--

GIBSON JOHNS: That's incredible.

ZURI HALL: --her glam team. Right? So I say that to say, even for all of the snark that people knew and loved Joan for, she also had a heart of gold, and in my experience, was so kind. I think when I think about-- and I made sure, when I was on the show, I'm like-- I bring the-- I'll give you the fashion expertise.

GIBSON JOHNS: You're the positive voice in that, right? Exactly. Yeah.

ZURI HALL: I'm Paul Abdul-ing it all day. OK? So that's just my vibe. It's genuinely who I am. I agree with you. I think, as we evolve as a society, we're just so fatigued by the criticism. And I get that some people want, like, the fun of the snark, but it's a delicate dance.