Zuke's Natural Dog Treats Removes Mini Naturals Treats from Shelves Because of 'Quality Issue'

Austin Cannon
·2 min read

andrewginns / Getty

Zuke's Natural Dog Treats is taking all of its Zuke's Mini Naturals treats off shelves because of "a recent quality issue."

In comments on social media, Zuke's called the withdrawal a case of "voluntarily removing" the treats from stores and online retailers and said it wasn't a safety issue, though some pet owners have reported finding mold in the treats and even some sick dogs, according to Petful.

"While not a food safety issue, we took this proactive step because we want to make sure pet parents have the best experience with our products," the company wrote on Facebook.

According to an email notice obtained by Petful, the withdrawal includes the Mini Naturals' chicken, peanut butter and oats, duck, salmon, pork, rabbit, and beef recipes. If you have some of those treats at your house, you can seek a refund from Zuke's by calling (866) 985-3364 or visiting its website.

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While the products are being taken off shelves, Zuke's did not call its action a recall. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a company recalling products because they violate laws the FDA enforces. A "market withdrawal" occurs when a company pulls the products off shelves because of a minor violation (or no violation) "that would not be subject to legal action by the FDA."

Twitter users over the past few months have posted photos of apparent mold in their Zuke's bags, according to Petful. Reviewers on Amazon and the company's website also reported their dogs getting sick after eating the treats.

So if you have some of these in your cabinets, it might be a good idea to contact the company for a refund.