What Your Zodiac Sign Means for Your Marriage

Ever wonder why talking about your feelings makes you irrationally crabby? Or why you go absolutely bonkers when your spouse tells you what to do? Blame the stars. Here’s how your zodiac sign is affecting your marriage.

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You’re the token nonconformist of the zodiac, and this unique joie de vivre will keep your partner under your spell for the long haul. Such innate independence, however, also makes you get super-defensive when your spouse asks you to do something (whether it’s taking out the trash or getting a grip on your shoe shopping addiction) and can often end with you going all ice queen. The good news? At your core, you’re actually great at expressing yourself. So when you feel that anger brewing, resist the urge to withdraw. Instead, challenge yourself to use your words. (You’ve got good ones.)


Dreamy Pisces chicks are some of the most selfless and doting partners in the zodiac. You’ll do anything for your loved ones, and you always go out of your way to shower your partner with affection—even if you’re coming off the crappiest day in the world. Your marital challenge? Sharing the burdens of adult life, when your instinct can be to avoid reality and force your S.O. to handle the details. (Think: filing taxes, finding a pediatrician, figuring out what to get everyone for Christmas.) Make a concerted effort to help your partner when you can see he or she is struggling, and you’ll both live more happily ever after.

ARIES (March 21 -April 19)

To the delight of your partner, you’re always suggesting fun trips out of town, inventive date nights and shake-ups in the boudoir that keep your romance thriving well past the honeymoon phase. (Hey, you’re the spark of the zodiac, after all.) But when it comes to dealing with the nitty-gritty, you’ve got room for improvement. Namely, you’re not the greatest listener, and you thrive on confrontation. Instead, force yourself to pause every day and ask your partner how he or she is doing. Then really listen to the response. Feel your inner fire rising in an argument? Stop, breathe and take the high road.


Ruled by sweet Venus, you’re a grounded lover (not fighter), and romantic life is smooth sailing with you, since your goal is to keep the peace, rather than resorting to hysterics. But even peaceful bulls can get rallied up—and when they do, it isn’t pretty. (Hey, you’ve been known to act proud and stubborn even when you know you’re in the wrong.) Practice swallowing your pride, and do what you need to shake off slights. Another thing: You’re prone to clinginess. Notice when your partner needs space and give it without becoming offended.


Thanks to your whimsical personality and need for constant stimulation, married life is never boring. You’re always dreaming up fun couples’ activities and encouraging your partner to get outside his or her comfort zone. Your challenge? Noticing when your spouse doesn’t actually want to try something new, and, if he’d rather stay home and watch soccer than join the big bowling excursion you organized, deciding to go without him. Another hot button? Your penchant for TMI’ing. We know you love getting a laugh, but it should never come from sharing your hubby’s bathroom behavior at a dinner party. Work on your privacy gauge, Gem.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

You’ve been dreaming of getting all domestic since you were a little girl, so congrats on finally making it happen! Maternal and emotional, you’re a fantastic listener, deeply empathetic, and your partner loves how much you take care of him or her. Your biggest hurdle? Irrational grudge-holding. Like the pull of your ruler, the moon, you have a strong tendency to harbor resentment, and when you’re S.O. does something to slight you (see: forgetting to take out the air conditioners when he promised he would), brushing off your anger does not come easily. Remember to cut your spouse (and your kids, and your friends) a break. They’re only human.


You’re confident, fiery and passionate—and your sex life is the envy of all your friends. But take heed, Leo: Your self-assurance can be overwhelming and overbearing when it isn’t kept in check. The remedy? Do everything you can to make your partner feel like a star too (think: positive reinforcement for a smart idea or asking about the mundane details of her or his day). Also, watch your own tendency to become insecure and withdrawn when you aren’t being smothered in attention. Your partner shouldn’t have to constantly stroke your ego in order for you to be happy.


Whip-smart and totally charming, you’re indisputably the most logical sign of the zodiac. Which means you’re great at seeing your partner’s position and rationally problem solving—a huge asset in a long-term marriage. (Bill squabble? Nothing your wit and intellect can’t resolve.) This said, your obsessive tendencies can grate, especially if your spouse isn’t as…persnickety. You’re a worrier and a perfectionist by nature, and this can be hurtful when directed toward your hubby. Try not to be so critical, and plan vacations together as often as you can, to take your mind out of overdrive.


Like your mascot, the scales, you crave domestic balance and harmony. You’re a generous lover, a wonderfully positive presence and adore keeping your partner happy and your home in tip-top shape. Ruled by Venus, you want everything to be sunshine and rainbows, which is a great general philosophy, but problematic when things are actually messy and hard. Practice confronting issues head-on rather than glazing over them, and work on engaging when your spouse wants to talk about something serious. Passive aggression isn’t a good look on anyone, and won’t yield the domestic bliss you crave long-term.


You’re a tough shell to crack, Scorpio, but once you really let someone in, you’re loyal, loving and devoted for life. You’re a great communicator, and not afraid to get into the deep and messy stuff, which is so problematic for many of your married friends. When problems arise, you get to the heart of them and fix each with steel resolve. You’re biggest obstacle? Checking your crazy, so to speak. You get jealous and secretive over small things, and most of the time, without any good reason. (Yes, this means you should stop reading your hubby’s texts when he’s in the shower, thank you very much.)


Wandering Sagittarius gals are notoriously energizing and open-minded. Which means you’ll never stop evolving and exploring your relationship well into those golden years. Your challenge lies in finding a way for your change-craving spirit to stay grounded in your marriage. Be transparent with your partner about your need for exploration, and make him or her feel included in your often-impulsive decision-making. Another gut check: You’re prone to speaking before you think. Work to notice when bluntness can be hurtful, and take a beat in order to rephrase.


As a wife, you don’t see the point in playing games or holding back, and you’re great at fostering sincere, genuine discussions with your S.O. (They’ll never be left wondering where they stand.) Your challenge: Keeping that intense ambition from overtaking your relationship. Can you go on vacation without checking your email? Can you sit through dinner without plotting to win the PTA presidency? In other words, chill out. Along those lines, if things start to feel stagnant in your marriage, try ditching your micro-managerial mind-set (if only for an evening) and embracing some spontaneity, dammit.

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