After Zendaya's Cooking Accident Landed Her In The Hospital, Fans Started Sharing Their Own Kitchen Mishaps

Last week, Zendaya playfully explained why she's "never cooking again" after her latest attempt led her to the hospital to get stitches.

  Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for TIME
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for TIME

And to show just how common these incidents are, I asked our BuzzFeed audience if they've ever experienced anything similar to Zendaya's kitchen chronicles, and I received a resounding YES!

  Zendaya / Instagram
Zendaya / Instagram

Here are their stories:

1."I was slicing some bread — never a good idea — and the bread was a bit stale, so the knife just slid on top of the bread and went into my finger." —cerealkillerm

2."Once I was at a cooking camp, and was trying to cut some tomatoes, when I got my thumb instead. Oops!" —placeholderiguess

3."I was heating up water on the stove top for rice and reached for something. Several seconds later, my abdomen felt really warm. I look down to see my shirt on fire. Ended up in the burn unit, for approximately two weeks, with second and third degree burns." —cheesehead1cs


4."My family and I were eating mashed potatoes only for my sister to giggle and tell us we were EATING HER EFFING SKIN bc she skinned her fingers with the potato peeler multiple times and decided not to tell us until we were eating it." —bee-kind

5."Sliced off the top layer of my middle finger knuckle on a mandolin. I wrapped it up and glued it. Now my knuckle looks like I have a poorly glued on patch of skin. Never used a mandolin again." —fakefattrusty

6."I was once washing a vegetable peeler and was scrubbing it really hard because the old food just wouldn't come off. The peeler went straight to my finger and peeled off a good chunk of skin. I ended up getting 4 stitches." —thegreatestfinder

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7."I cut the end of my finger off down to the bone, while slicing kale. It bled profusely and the pain was unbelievable. I tried to get to a chair, but fainted before I got there. On the way down, I hit my head on the corner of a table, busting my lip open and knocking back a couple of teeth. When my husband got home, he thought I was dead!" —nurseynurse

8."I once STABBED myself trying to make potato soup. I was going to clean my knife from cutting vegetables, tripped, tried to catch myself on instinct and that knife went RIGHT into my other arm. An ER visit, washing out some celery, and several stitches later I have a cool scar and a funny story." —lalalace1640

9."I was slicing an avocado while packing my meal for a nightshift. The knife slipped on the pit — I was trying to twist it out like I’d been doing for years — and my regular flatware knife went through the avocado skin and into my hand. There was a bloody gash right along the base of my left pointer finger joint and immediately I knew in my gut that it was bad." —misswhittlebury


10."My mom worked nights/weekends in the ER for a while and talked about bagel-cutting accidents being in the top five cases they saw on weekends. And this at a level one trauma hospital in a city they used to call Murderville, lol." —iteach

11."I tried to make a cucumber salad and I managed to cut almost every finger on my left hand." —chloedbrown25sheher

12."My 12-year-old cousin was into cooking and, for some reason her dad decided that a mandolin slicer was a great gift for a middle schooler who could barely make toast. She immediately sliced open her finger, and was then so freaked out by the blood that she fainted and got a concussion upon hitting her head on the countertop." —books_baking_broadway


13."I was making French fries on the stove. I usually bake them, but this time I decided to fry some homemade fries. When I put some on the stove, some water and hot oil got under the burner, and a kitchen fire started. Thankfully I’m really calm in emergencies so I was able to put it out without even singing my eyelashes." —heatherchristie1

14."We were having a few guests over once when I was 6 or 7, and my dad had me peeling potatoes. Cut my finger bad with the peeler, and bled all over all of the potatoes I had already peeled. My dad just rinsed them for like a second and then cooked and served." —whiteponyhope

15."I cut and burn myself all the time. Don’t let that deter you Zendaya! Keep cooking! I’m a damn good cook, and an even better baker. I’m just also a huge klutz." —minagiv85

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Have you had an accident in the kitchen? Tell us about it in the comments below!