Zendaya and Tom Holland Spotted at Basketball Date Night

Zendaya and Tom Holland were spotted on another date night at a basketball game yesterday.

The two went casual for the evening, with the Spider-Man actor dressing down in a gray sweatshirt, while the musician opted for a white tee shirt. Holland also had a pair of sunglasses resting on top of his head, while Zendaya wore a pair of geometric, gold-framed glasses. In another photo taken the same night, she also wore a black baseball cap for part of the game, causing her wavy hair to be pushed back behind her ears.

The NBA captured a clip of the two watching the second game of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs, which took place at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif.

In it, the two leaned forward, seemingly narrowed in on the action, though as one fan pointed out, they didn't look too excited about whatever was going on on the court below them.

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"I love them both but why so [sic] they look so unhappy?" one person replied on Twitter.

"They are probably Lakers fans… tough night," one pointed out, as the Warriors ultimately won 127-100.

But as another noted, Zendaya grew up in nearby Oakland, so she could have been rooting for either team.

In photos taken during another point in the game, the couple looked much more jovial, Zendaya especially smiling brightly as she munched on popcorn.