Zendaya Is Going To Make $11 Million In A New Movie

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Zendaya has been making waves all week—from delivering even more iconic red carpet looks to Tom Holland being her biggest fan (they're simply the best celebrity couple). However, one thing you may have missed with all the buzz around the actress is her business acumen: The Euphoria actress just negotiated a new salary with HBO that will reportedly make her one of the highest-paid actresses on television today. And considering her Euphoria performances have earned her two Emmys since the show started in 2019, it's pretty well-deserved.

(Yup, Zendaya really can do it all.) TBH, I personally care more about Zendaya's eye for reviving vintage fashion, but this was a pretty big deal.

So, with Euphoria, Spider-Man and other business ventures, how much exactly is Zendaya worth? Below, Women's Health gathered all the details on her net worth.

Zendaya will now make close to $1 million per episode of Euphoria.

According to Puck News, the 26-year-old star just closed a deal with HBO for season 3 of Euphoria. Her renegotiation likely puts her close to the $1 million mark per episode (which is huge). It's unclear exactly how much Zendaya made before this deal, but given her popularity and Emmy wins, she was probably already making a lot. To put her earnings in context, her co-star Sydney Sweeney reportedly earned a little more than $350,000 for 13 episodes, per Yahoo! Entertainment.

Because of the new contract, the actress now joins a rarefied league of highly compensated streaming stars such as Michael Keaton (for his role in Dopesick) and Elisabeth Moss (for her role in Apple TV's Shining Girls), per Puck News.

She's made at least $10 million from the Spider-Man franchise.

Zendaya reportedly earned $10 million in bonus checks alone for her appearances in Marvel's Spider-Man franchise, per Matt Belloni for Puck News in February 2022. ICYDK, Zendaya plays Michelle "MJ" Jones in the series, the love interest of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Tom Holland reportedly made around at least $15 million for his lead role in the franchise, per The U.S. Sun.

She'll make $11 million for another upcoming project.

Zendaya has a few other projects in the works—such as appearing in Dune's second installment and starring in Challengers, a romantic comedy about tennis directed by Luca Guadagnino (of Bones and All fame). For the latter, Zendaya will reportedly earn around $11 million, per a report by Puck News.

She made a lot from Disney, too.

If you've been a Zendaya fan for a while, you know she got her start on Disney. Though she starred in a commercial with Selena Gomez a few years prior, Disney's Shake It Up was her first claim to fame.

Zendaya starred as Rocky Blue in a leading role for the show, alongside Bella Thorne. She reportedly earned $140,000 for the show's three-year run, according to Entity.

Zendaya stuck with the network for quite a while—starring in Disney Channel original films like Frenemies and Zapped—before claiming another lead role in the show K.C. Undercover from 2015 to 2018. She reportedly made over $1 million combined for her Disney gigs following Shake It Up, according to Entity.

She also probably makes money from music.

ICYMI, Zendaya has an album, which she released in 2013. Her lead single, "Replay" is her most popular song to date, peaking at #40 on the 2014 Billboard Hot 100.

She also has five other songs to have made the list, including "Rewrite The Stars" from The Greatest Showman soundtrack and "I'm Tired," which she recorded with Labrinth for Euphoria. Zendaya has been taking a break from music to focus on acting, but the Euphoria song was very well received.

It's unclear how much the actress makes from these tracks, but she's probably getting something from the royalties and streams.

Zendaya has plenty of endorsement deals.

Like everyone in Hollywood, brands want to work with Zendaya. The actress has had brand deals with Valentino, CoverGirl, Lancôme, Squarespace, and more.

She also partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to create a capsule collection in 2019, per Vogue France. Zendaya, who is very interested in fashion, once had her own line—Daya by Zendaya, but it's currently shuttered. I wouldn't be surprised if she opens something up again soon.

It's unclear exactly how much she makes from endorsements, but it's certainly not chump change.

Her net worth is likely more than $20 million.

Prior to the news of her new contract with HBO, it was reported that Zendaya was worth around $20 million, according to multiple sources.

However, with Euphoria Season 3 starting production sometime this year, per PEOPLE, and other projects underway, it's likely Zendaya's net worth is rapidly rising. A queen like her deserves it, TBH!

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