Zac Efron Roasted After Pics of His Hair While Filming ‘Iron Claw’ Go Viral

It's giving Lord Farquaad.

Zac Efron is back on set, but it's not his mere presence that has Twitter all a twitter. 

Everyone's favorite wild cat is currently shooting The Iron Claw, in which he portrays pro wrestler Kevin Von Erich. The actor is looking awfully swole, as many internet users have pointed out, but there's something more about the photos leaked from set that have managed to distract from Efron's mighty muscular physique: his hair.

"guys i’m screaming wtf is this hair cut on zac efron omg," one user wrote in a now-viral tweet that featured a grainy photo of Efron wearing a sleeveless gray sweatshirt, cutoff denim shorts, and a blunt-banged wavy haircut.

"It’s giving He-Man," one response read, while innumerable follow-ups shared various photos and gifs of Shrek villain Lord Farquaad, who is often the butt of bad haircut jokes

It didn't stop there, though. The photo was subjected to hasty edit jobs (see: Hulk Efron) and comparisons to offbeat characters like Spongebob's cousin, Lloyd Christmas, and the Little Lad

While some were clearly startled by the less-than-appealing bowlcut bangs and shaggy mullet, many users came to his defense, too, pointing out how obvious it is that the unexpected look is for a role.

"Just imagining this version of him im high school musical 💀," someone else commented, but it may not be too late... High School Musical: The Musical: The Series guest spot, anyone? 

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