Zac Efron Debuts A New Look In His Netflix Series 'Down to Earth' And Twitter Is Into It

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix


The new Netflix docuseries Down to Earth with Zac Efron casts the titular actor in the role of inquisitive global traveler. Throughout eight episodes, Efron and wellness guru Darin Olien explore different parts of the world in search of sustainable, eco-friendly ways to live. The actor apparently went method for his role as rugged journeyman, appearing onscreen at his scruffiest—and, for some, most appealing.

Over the weekend, Twitter applauded Efron for his transformation from beloved High School Musical star to tantalizing travel show host. Being sustainable is undeniably sexy, and viewers unleashed their thirst for Efron's efforts on social media. Whether sporting a beekeeper suit, slipping into an ice bath, or baking bread before it was cool, Efron embraced his mission. After seeing the support for his new series, Efron tweeted, "Love you guys 👊😎❤️#downtoearth #netflix," alongside a candlelit photo from the show.

There appears to be something for everyone in Down to Earth. Some viewers have pointed out Efron's ability to coin a catchphrase (“That’s Mother Earth, bro”). Others commended his talent for exposing "shitty US environmental policies." And, yes, a fair amount just wanted to share their appreciation for that beard. Ahead, a sampling of the best reactions to Efron's new show.

There's no telling what kind of aesthetic Efron will be showcasing in his upcoming Survivor-style Quibi show, Killing Zac Efron. But we can guarantee Twitter will be dutifully dissecting every part of it.

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