A-Z List Of 200 Short Boy Names That Are Simple And Sweet

Congratulations, you're having a boy! Now it's time to come up with a name that will be perfect for your new addition. You may be imagining yourself calling out the name of your little one when he is getting into a bit of trouble. Sometimes you will have time and want to draw out the name for emphasis. This is a good time to use the middle name as well. However, other times you have to be quick. You can bark out a short name easier than something that is more of a tongue twister.

If you are looking for a name that can be written quickly or said easily, you will want to check out these 200 short boy names. This list of names is made up of ideas that are only four letters and under or that have just one syllable. You will find a variety of classic, popular and unique names to choose from.

Many of these names have more than one spelling. So, if you like the name but want a more unique spelling or need a name that fits a letter that you are looking for, many of these short boy names can be adjusted. The meaning of each name is also included to help give you inspiration.

Short Boy Names Starting With A-C

1. Alex - A nickname for Alexander that means "defender of man."

2. Andy - A nickname for Andrew that means "manlike" or "brave."

3. Axel  - Scandinavian origin that means "father of peace."

4. Adam - Originating from the first man, this Hebrew name means "man of the earth."

5. Ace - A modern name that means "one" or "expert."

6. Asa - Dreaming of your son becoming a doctor? This name means "healer" or "physician."

7. Alan - For your new cutie pie, the name stands for "handsome, cheerful."

8. Alec - A name of Greek origin meaning "defending men."

9. Avi - Hebrew origin meaning "father."

10. Aron - A prominent figure in the Old Testament. This name means "teaching" and singing."

11. Ben - Hebrew origin meaning "son."

12. Bo - A form of beau that means "living" or "to live."

13. Bryce - You may not know if your boy will have freckles or not but this one-syllable name means "freckled" or "speckled."

14. Blake - English origin meaning "fair-haired, dark."

15. Brock - A preppy name of English origin that means "badger."

16. Brett - British origin meaning "of Briton."

17. Brad - British origin meaning "broad" or "wide."

18. Burke - This boy's name originates in France and means "from the fortress."

19. Beck - German and Hebrew origins meaning "brook" and "stream."

20. Blane - Scottish origin meaning "yellow."

21. Bode - German origin meaning "messenger."

22. Chase - This boy's name originates from France and means "to hunt."

23. Charles - German and French origin meaning "free man."

24. Crew - A short boy's name of Latin origin meaning "chariot."

25. Cruz - Derived from the Latin word "crux" meaning "cross."

26. Cody - Means "decent and helpful one."

27. Curt - A boy's name meaning "courteous, polite."

28. Cas - Dutch origin meaning "imperial."

29. Cole - English origin meaning "victory of the people."

30. Chris - Greek origin meaning "bearing Christ."

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Short Boy Names Beginning With D-F

31. Dan - This Hebrew name means "God is my judge."

32. Dave - Nickname of David meaning "beloved."

33. Dean - English name meaning "from the valley."

34. Dezi - Spanish origin and means "desired."

35. Dane - Similar to Dan, this is a boy name of Scandinavian origin which means "God is my Judge."

36. Dex - This name means "right-handed" or "fortunate."

37. Drew - Greek origin meaning "strong and manly."

38. Doug - Scottish origin meaning "black water."

39. Drake - English origin meaning "dragon" or "snake."

40. Doyle - Of Irish or Gaelic origin meaning "black stranger."

41. Eli - Hebrew name meaning "high" or "elevated."

42. Evan - A popular Welsh name that means "the Lord is gracious."

43. Eric - Masculine boy name meaning "forever ruler."

44. Eddy - British origin meaning "rich in friendship" or "wealthy friend."

45. Evyn - Means "God is gracious; good messenger."

46. Esau - Hebrew name from the Old Testament which means "hairy."

47. Edan - Irish origin meaning "little fire."

48. Eron - Hebrew origin that means "peace, enlightened."

49. Earl - A popular given name meaning "warrior" or "nobleman."

50. Ev - As a boy's name, means "God is gracious, born of yew, or youth."

51. Finn - Boy's name of Irish origin meaning "fair."

52. Ford - Originating from Britain, this name means "river crossing" or "dweller at the ford."

53. Frank - The name means "Frenchman" or "free man."

54. Fred - Meaning "peaceful ruler" this name's origin is German.

55. Flint - English origin meaning "born near an outcrop of flint."

56. Flip - Dutch origin which means "lover of horses."

57. Fritz - German origin meaning "peaceful ruler."

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Short Boy Names Beginning with G-J

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58. Grant - English name meaning "tall" or "large."

59. Graham - Old English name that means "gravel homestead."

60. Grey - British origin meaning "gray haired".

61. Gale - As a male name, Gale means "pleasant" or "merry."

62. Gary - Old English origin meaning "spear."

63. Glen - Scottish origin meaning "a narrow valley."

64. Gage - This name means "pledge" or "oath" and its origin is French.

65. Hugh - British origin meaning "intellect."

66. Heath - English origin meaning "land of heather and grass."

67. Hank - This classic name means "home ruler" and is of German origin.

68. Hugo - Masculine given name meaning "mind" or "intellect."

69. Hyde - English origin meaning "hide."

70. Ian - Scottish origin meaning "God is gracious."

71. Ivan - Hebrew origin meaning "God is gracious."

72. Ike - This name has an American origin and means "he will laugh."

73. James - James and Jacob have the same meaning which is "supplanter" or "one who takes the heel" from the Bible story of Jacob and Esau.

74. Jack - Like many of the other names, this one means "God is gracious" and is of English origin.

75. John - A traditional name of Biblical origin meaning "graced by God."

76. Joey - English and Hebrew origins meaning "God will increase."

77. Jade - British origin meaning "precious stone."

78. Jax - Short for Jaxon and means "God is gracious."

79. Jake - Hebrew origin meaning "supplanter."

80. Jeff - English origin meaning "pledge of peace" or "God's peace."

81. Jet - Means "black gemstone."

82. Josh - Hebrew origin meaning "Jehovah is salvation."

83. Jed - Hebrew origin meaning "beloved by God."

84. Joel - Hebrew origin meaning "Jehovah is the Lord."

85. Jace - Greek origin that means "healer."

86. Jules - Means "youthful" and is of French origin.

Short Boy Names That Start With K-M

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87. Kyle - Rooted in the Gaelic word "caol," this name means "slender" or "strait."

88. Knox - Scottish origin meaning "round top hill."

89. Kash - Indian origin meaning "universe, sky."

90. Kane - In Irish traditions, this name means "little battler."

91. Kobe - Hebrew origin means "supplanter."

92. Kian - Means "ancient."

93. Kole - Slavic origin that means "victory of the people."

94. Kye - American origin that means "ocean."

95. Kace - "Courageous and vigilant, always on the watch."

96. Kody - British origin meaning "helpful."

97. Koda - Japanese origin which means "friend."

98. Krew - This name means "from the castle or fortress by the water" and has a Welsh origin.

99. Kain - Hebrew origin meaning "acquire" or "spear."

100. Liam - Irish name that means "strong-willed warrior" and "protector."

101. Levi - The name means "united" or "joined" and has biblical roots.

102. Luke - Means "life-giving" and has Greek origins.

103. Leo - Stems for the Latin word for lion and means "brave people" or "lion-hearted."

104. Leon - Greek origin meaning "lion."

105. Lane - English origin meaning "a small roadway or path."

106. Lee - British origins and means "pasture, meadow."

107. Leif - This name has a Scandinavian origin and means "heir" or "descendant."

108. Lex - Lex is Greek in origin and means "defender of men."

109. Lou - French origin meaning "renowned warrior."

110. Miles - German and Irish origin and means "soldier or servant."

111. Milo - German origin and means "soft-hearted, merciful."

112. Max - Derived from the name Maximillian and means "greatest."

113. Mark - Has several meanings including "polite", "shining", "warring" or "hammer."

114. Mike - Irish name that comes from the biblical name Michael, which means "who is like God?"

115. Mack - Scottish, Irish origin and means "son of."

116. Matt - Hebrew origin meaning "gift of God."

117. Miko - Means "who is like God?"

118. Merce - Middle English origin meaning "storekeeper."

119. Mick - Diminutive name of Michael meaning "who is like God?"

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Short Boy Names That Begin With N-Q

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120. Noah - This biblical name means "rest"  and has Hebrew origins.

121. Nash - Means "by the ash tree" and has an English origin.

122. Nate - Hebrew origin meaning "gift."

123. Niko - Means "victory of the people" and is a Finnish name.

124. Neil - Irish origin meaning "champion."

125. Nick - Greek origin meaning "victory of the people."

126. Niles - Means "son of Neil" ...which is perfect if the father's name is Neil!

127. Ned - An old English name that means "guardian of the riches" or "wealthy."

128. Nero - Latin origin meaning "powerful, strong."

129. Nels - Scandinavian origin and means "victor of the people."

130. Nix - This short boy's name means "night."

131. Owen - Welsh origin meaning "young warrior."

132. Otto - German name meaning "wealth, prosperity."

133. Omar - Omar is a short boy name that means "flourishing, long-lived."

134. Odin - Scandinavian origin that means "frenzy, rage, inspiration."

135. Olan - Scandinavian origin meaning "ancestor's heir."

136. Paul - Latin origin and means "small, humble."

137. Pax - Latin origin meaning "peaceful."

138. Penn - This boy's name means "enclosure" or "hill" and has an English origin.

139. Price - Old French origin meaning "prize."

140. Pete - Greek origin meaning "rock."

141. Pace - Hebrew origin meaning "Passover."

142. Phil - Means "horse lover" and is Greek in origin.

143. Quin - With many origins, this boy name means "head" and "wise."

144. Quill - Gaelic origin and means "from the woods."

145. Quade - Means "descendant of Uaid."

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Short Baby Names R-T

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146. Ross - Scottish origin meaning "upland, peninsula."

147. Rob - An abbreviation of Robert that means "famed, bright, shining."

148. Ryan - Irish name meaning "little king."

149. Rhett - Well-known from the book, Gone With The Wind, this name means "to speak, advisor."

150. Reid - English origin meaning "red-haired."

151. Rex - Latin origin meaning "king."

152. Ridge - Means "ridge of a cliff" and has an English origin.

153. Roy - Scottish origin meaning "red."

154. Reece - Of English origin which means "passion, enthusiasm."

155. Ray - Means "counsel, mighty protection guards wisely."

156. Rudy - Short for Rudolph, this boy's name means "famous wolf."

157. Rome - Means "strength and power" and is of Italian origin.

158. Riggs - The meaning of the name is "one who lives on the ridge."

159. Sam - A nickname of Samuel and has biblical ties. It means "told by God" and "God hears."

160. Saul - Hebrew origin meaning "ask, question."

161. Steve - British origin that means "garland, victorious, crown."

162. Seth - Means "appointed, placed" and has a Hebrew origin.

163. Sage - Latin origin meaning "wise."

164. Sloane - Irish origin meaning "raider."

165. Sean - Means "God is gracious" and has an Irish origin.

166. Shane - Means "graced by God."

167. Scott - Of Scottish origin and means "from Scotland."

168. Scout - From French origins, this name means "to listen, sent to discover."

169. Storm - American origin that means "a storm."

170. Ty - This super short boy name is a diminutive form of the name Tyler.

171. Tim - Short form of Timothy meaning "one who honors God."

172. Todd - English origin meaning "fox."

173. Tom - A short form of Thomas that means "twin."

174. Trey - British origin meaning "three."

175. Trent - Means "the flooder."

176. Troy - Means "foot soldier."

177.  Theo - Greek origin meaning "God's gift."

178. Tyce - A variation of the name Tyson that means "high-spirited."

179. Toby - English origin meaning "God is good."

180. Ted - Means "wealth, fortune, riches" and is of Greek origin.

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Short Boy Names U-Z

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181. Ugo - Italian origin meaning "mind, intellect."

182. Vince - A boy name of Latin origin which means "conquering."

183. Van - Means "marsh."

184. Vick - Latin origin meaning "champion."

185. Vern - Means "place of alders" and has an American origin.

186. Wade - English origin meaning "to go."

187. Will - Comes from the name William and means "desiring peace, determined protector, and "helmet, protection."

188. Wayne - English origin meaning "maker of wagons."

189. Wes - English origin meaning "west meadow."

190. Wynn - Means "friend, fair, pure" and is of British origin.

191. Yale - Welsh origin meaning "fertile ground."

192. Yoda - Means "hero." A good one if you're a Star Wars fan!

193. Zion - Hebrew origin meaning "highest point."

194. Zane - Means "God is gracious."

195. Zeke - A boy's name of Hebrew origins that means "God strengthens."

196. Zack - Means "laughter, the Lord recalled" and has Hebrew and biblical origins.

197. Zayd - Arabic in origin and means "growth, abundance."

198. Zoe - Of Greek origin and means "life."

199. Zeb - Means "gift of Jehovah" or "dwelling in honor."

200. Zed - English origin meaning "God is righteous."

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