You've got to see Nicole Scherzinger's bedhead hair transformation

nicole scherzinger transforms her bedhead hair into beachy waves
Nicole Scherzinger reveals bedhead transformationJC Olivera - Getty Images

While some of us have started off 2023 in the UK with rain and even more rain, Nicole Scherzinger has confirmed she is indeed, living her best life. In a recent holiday video she posted on Instagram, the singer seems to transform her bedhead-chic locks into enviable beachy waves in a matter of seconds. Magic, I tell you.

Considering the singer's hair always looks immaculately put together, it's reassuring to see even a Pussycat Doll wakes up with messy hair just like the rest of us. Nicole quickly rectifies the situation however, debuting the most perfect beachy waves, paired with an itsy bitsy bikini in seconds. Seriously, how good does she look:

Nicole captioned the video: "When the rest of the US is 🥶❄️but you’re grateful for that Hawaiian sun🏝️👙" . Confirming that we definitely made an error not taking that first week of Jan off to go sunning it up on the beach. Next year, right?

We're sure that this isn't some kind of wizardry and it did take more than a few seconds to complete this hair transformation, but it doesn't stop us from hoping for some magic Cinderella-esque transformation ourselves. We know, we'll be waiting a while.

It does feel like the singer is really having a hair moment in recent weeks. At the end of last year she revealed she's chopped off her signature long mane and opted for a bouffant bob instead. It was iconic.

We can't wait to see what new hairstyles Nicole will bring us this year. In the meantime, we'll be living vicariously through her holiday snaps.

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