The YouTuber who sold her own bath water returns to social media with bizarre video

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: Belle Delpine - YouTube
Photo credit: Belle Delpine - YouTube

From Cosmopolitan

You may remember a very strange story from last year about a YouTuber who began selling her bathwater for $30 a pop, before mysteriously disappearing from all social media without explanation. Well now, Belle Delphine has returned after her seven month hiatus with a very bizarre "rap video" and an odd story about how an injury delayed her return to social media.

She made headlines last year after posting on her Instagram (then 4.2m followers strong) announcing she was selling $30 bottles of "bath water for all you thirsty gamer boys." The bath water sold out immediately despite, quite a lot of jokes being made about it online. Then Delphine suddenly deleted her Instagram and disappeared from social media, giving no explanation.

Now, seven months later, she has returned to social media with a new Instagram, TikTok and a bizarre tweet about injury herself by trying to jump off a roof into a paddling pool and announcing she has uploaded a two minute "rap video" to her YouTube channel.

"Why was I gone for so long? well I wanted to come back earlier but I suppose jumping off a roof into a kids paddling pool wasn't a good idea so I guess I had to stick with the rap video"

The song itself, which she has released onto her YouTube, is odd - really odd. Lyrics include, "Elon’s baby eats Mars rock," and, "Now I TikTok, begone thot."

The bath water is still sold out though, in case you were wondering.

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