YouTuber accuses Jake Paul of taking credit for his NAACP fundraiser

Jake Paul just can’t seem

to stay out of trouble.

The YouTuber was arrested after footage

showed him at Fashion Square Mall, while

it was being looted and destroyed.

And now, fellow YouTuber Frederic Chen

is accusing the internet personality of

taking credit for his NAACP fundraiser.

Chen, who goes by ThatMidgetAsian on YouTube, uploaded a video titled “I’m leaving YouTube” to raise money for the NAACP.

After Chen created the fundraiser, Paul added the fundraiser to a video in which he denies participating in the looting of the mall.

Paul responded to a fan’s tweet noting

that he “raised $32,000 in 20 minutes,”

saying, “with yalls help” .

Chen clarified that though exposure of the fundraiser is “good, no matter what”...

it’s not okay for Paul to “manipulate his audience into thinking he genuinely cares about social change”

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