YouTube Shorts collaborated with creators to make exclusive snacks fans can win at VidCon — and we got to try them first

YouTube Shorts teamed up with 18 top creators to customize one-of-a-kind snacks for fans to win — just in time for U.S. VidCon 2022.

VidCon is a multi-city event that hosts digital innovators and fans to collaborate in real life. The event is being held in Anaheim, Calif., from June 22 – 25.

In celebration of VidCon, YouTube Shorts launched a snack challenge in which fans can win the chance to eat their favorite creator’s customized snacks. Each challenge is tailored to the individual creators so details are on their respective Shorts channels.

These snacks are only available to fans who are guests at VidCon or who participate in the Shorts challenge on-site at VidCon.

As someone who grew up with YouTube and someone who loves to eat, I felt it was only natural that I try some of the highly coveted YouTuber-inspired snacks that are available through the challenge.

Ben of the Week’s Explosive Beanz

Ben of the Week is probably best known for his viral video where he pretended to burn his house down by microwaving a can of beans. Then, he sang a song about it.

It’s only natural that his personal snack is bean-related and exciting. The spicy dried bean mix is so hot it’ll “burn your m************ house down.” Fortunately, the packaging comes with a reminder to “not microwave.”

I’ve never had dried beans before, but these are so good and crunchy and have the perfect amount of wasabi rub on them. TBD on whether they’re hot enough to make me internet famous.

Sofie Dossi’s Bendables

Remember when everyone on the internet was wondering whether or not Sofie Dossi had a spine? She’s running with the joke when it comes to Bendables, which have no added sugar, no GMOs and, well, no spine.

These strawberry fruit ropes are a fun, more textured twist on the traditional fruit leather.

Kelly Wasaka’s Rise and Grind Coffee Cereal

Kelly Wasaka’s videos make me believe I really don’t need a gallon of coffee to do basic tasks every day. Although, maybe I’ll just replace it with his coffee-flavored cereal.

They’re made of dark chocolate cereal bits with organic cocoa and micro-roasted Intelligentsia coffee. I don’t even know what micro-roasted means, but I am sold — specifically by the sunshine-looking mascot wishing me a good morning on the box. It’s like adult Cocoa Puffs. Am I a morning person now?

That’s Amazing Poppin’ Shots

With zero hand coordination and a dream, the brothers from the That’s Amazing channel have inspired me to throw my snacks before I eat them.

Inspired by the brothers’ crazy trick shots on their popular channel, their snack is naturally a game and a treat. It’s gluten-free popcorn that comes in a box that basically begs you to “play with your food.”

Miki Rai’s Good Morning Besties Bar

Cheesecake? At 5 a.m.? Don’t mind if I do.

Miki Rai has over 800,000 subscribers who, like me, are blown away by her hectic schedule working as a nurse. But she somehow manages to start every video with a cheery, “Good morning, besties!” while I can’t form coherent sentences until 1 p.m. at the earliest.

Her cheesecake-flavored breakfast bar is made out of oats with dried sweet cherries and honey. It’s not too sweet and, despite its small size, is super filling. The bar is so good it’s making me wonder if I can make my parents’ dreams come true and work in the medical field. (I can’t.)

Dream’s Oh Dreams cereal

Has anyone made Minecraft look more fun than when Dream screams, “OOOOOOH DREEEEEAAAAAM”?

Inspired by countless memes and compilation videos, Oh Dreams is an oat cereal that even comes with an “Escape the Hunters” game on the back of the box so you can start your mornings screaming — whether that be in frustration or joy.

MacDoesIt’s BWAH! chocolate bar

What else would comedian MacDoesIt’s snack be called?

The multicolored chocolate bar is “from Pluto” which is “a real planet, honey” — as noted on the packaging. By Pluto, I mean it’s white chocolate from Compartes, a Los Angeles-based chocolate shop.

Valentine Bros’ Pizza Cookie

I have never heard of a pizza cookie before but I trust the Valentine Brothers with all things pizza-related.

It’s a Snickerdoodle cookie base with white fondant for the cheese, red icing for the sauce and strawberry gummies for the pepperoni. This is certainly not a pizza you’ll want to be sharing because you’ll want it all for yourself.

Miles McKenna’s S’Miles Smiley Rolled Candy

Miles McKenna, one of YouTube’s most prominent LGBTQ advocates, has over a million subscribers who tune into his vlogs, beauty tutorials, interviews and advice videos. He’s an upbeat presence on the platform, which makes his S’Miles candy the perfect companion to binge-watch his videos.

S’Miles are hard, fruit-flavored candies — green apple is my favorite — with icons and messages that McKenna’s fans will recognize instantly.

Nia Sioux’s Solos

Before Nia Sioux had her 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, she was on Dance Moms, where being assigned a solo at a show was the biggest compliment you could receive from Abby Lee Miller.

Now Sioux rides solo on her YouTube channel and has an affinity for sour gummies, so it makes sense that her snack is blue gummy bears.

I love, love, LOVE sour candy and am a big fan of the flavor “blue,” so I might be biased, but these are probably my favorite snack in the bunch.

Saucy Santana’s Cereal Gworl

Madonna may have come up with “Material Girl” first, but rapper Saucy Santana’s “Material Girl” is probably the first thing that comes to Gen Z’s mind when they hear the phrase.

Cereal Growl is berry puffs with edible glitter because, obviously, every dining experience with Saucy Santana is going to be over the top and glamorous. I mean, did Madonna even have a cereal?

The edible glitter comes in a separate package so you can control how much glam you want for the morning. Maybe save a little sparkle for later in case you need it.

Nessa Barrett’s Heart Breakers

If you’re not belting Nessa Barrett’s all-lowercase-titled heartbreak songs, then you’re missing out. The 19-year-old singer taps into that universal longing for love and revenge against an ex.

Barrett’s Heart Breakers are a twist on SweeTarts, but with real inspirational messages like, “2 Hot 2 Cry.”

They taste just like heartbreak, if heartbreak were a little minty.

LARRAY’s Loaded Mac & Cheese Pasta Chips

Mac & cheese is the ultimate comfort food, but why not make it “crunchay” too?

LARRAY already famously launched his own delivery-only loaded mac & cheese brand, but now you can eat it on the go and without adding any ingredients. But if you do eat it on the go, remember to bring napkins, because LARRAY is not kidding when he says “loaded” — cheese dust can and will get everywhere.

These are definitely one of my favorite snacks on the list.

Louie’s Life-inspired Chamoy Ssstupidips

Inspired by Louie Castro’s actual Chamoy sauce — a classic Mexican spice mix — these “ssstupidips” are like a Dunkaroos style twist that comes with a set of gummy peach rings. The sweetness of the candy with the spicy Chamoy is so, so good and really stands out from the other snacks.

Ezee X Natalie’s Neezy’s

Ezee and Natalie are the type of relationship everyone aspires to have. The duo has been making videos together since 2018 and are simply meant to be together — just like their sweet and sour bite candy.

You can’t really tell just by looking at each individual Neezy candy whether it’s going to be sour or sweet — and, oh my God, it’s so sour, I love it — but isn’t it more fun that way?

MrBeast’s Chocolate Bar

MrBeast launched his own chocolate bar company called Feastables, which includes this limited-edition bar made with only four ingredients. If you haven’t had a chance to try one, you might be missing out — Feastables sold over 1 million chocolate bars within the first 72 hours of launch and reportedly earned over $10 million in sales as of May 2022.

Other creator-customized snacks that I didn’t get to try (yet!):

Patrick Starrr’s Unbelievably Glamorous Lollipop: Features glitter, pop rocks and gold stars. Would you expect any less?

Inquisitor-Tilla Chips: Inspired by InquisitorMaster’s spicy chip challenge videos.

Tea with Tab: Iced chai latte with pumpkin cold froth macarons, inspired by Tabitha Swatosh’s uncanny ability to always have tea to spill on her channel.

Winners of the Shorts Snack Challenge will get the chance to try out some of these exclusive goodies, and if any particular creators or snacks pique your interest, check out that creator’s Shorts channel for more information. Happy eating!

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