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This YouTube hack makes homework assignments easier: ‘Sorry, teachers’

A teacher shared a “homework hack” to make assignments easier for students.

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TikToker @ms.writer13 shares tips and tricks for managing schoolwork and a classroom. She showed students how to get around watching lengthy YouTube video assignments so that they could breeze through their homework quicker. The hack has become a viral hit.

“Assignment hack for students — sorry, teachers,” she said. “If your teacher assigns you a long YouTube video to watch with questions, click on the three dots and click ‘Open Transcript.’ It will allow you to see the transcript of the video,” she shared.

She also explained that you can hit CTRL + F to look up specific keywords in the transcript.

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The video has racked up 14.8 million views and 3.5 million likes, with many teachers praising the homework hack in the comments.

“Oooh! You can also watch it at a faster speed. Works really well if you have ADHD,” someone commented.

“I think this is good information; I’m a teacher, and I don’t mind if students have to read and get creative to find the answers. They’re still reading!” another wrote.

“As a teacher, thank you. I’m showing my class this on Monday!” a TikToker wrote.

“I teach high school chemistry, and I am HERE FOR THIS!!! It’s not called cheating; it’s called being resourceful!” a user replied.

“Nice, I’ve been watching YouTube for more than 10 years, and I didn’t know this. Wow,” a TikToker added.

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