Young Pit Bull Relying on Older Fur Sibling to Calm Down Is Precious

This is so sweet.

Having siblings is truly something special. They can turn to each other through life’s ups and downs. They trust each other. And no one knows you better than your siblings. The same goes for doggy siblings.

Take for example this precious video from TikTok user @reythepitbull. The user’s young Pit Bull can get very excited, as young doggos do. But she then has a hard time calming down. That is until she turns to her older fur sibling. Watch this beautiful clip which has brought in over 3.4 million views.

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O.M.G. Stop it! This is seriously so sweet. The senior dog knew exactly what to do and how to calm down the young Pit Bull. This is why siblings are just the best!

TikTok user, @luvmydogs1907, commented, “Your dog has an emotional support dog. So sweet!” Right?! Not only are siblings built-in besties, but they can also play other roles like providing emotional support. “So, my dog’s massage therapist told me that when you rub that spot on their heads it releases feel-good hormones,” wrote @laurahasdogs. That explains so much! We'll keep this tidbit in our back pocket for our dogs too! 

“I’m pretty sure my heart just smiled,” said @sheri_sheri_baby. You’re pretty sure?! Ours definitely smiled and we won’t stop. This clip made our entire week!

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