Young man's impassioned pep talk on TikTok preaches self-love: 'Do you hear me?'

On July 4, a user with the handle @faceonlyamothercouldlove shared a clip of himself bursting through the door with an incredibly determined look.What follows is a heartfelt speech that calls on others to embrace themselves.“All I want to do is let you know how beautiful you look today,” the man says.“Okay? Keep moving forward. I know life get hard. Trust me, but I need you to get up every day and make every day count”.“I love you. If nobody has told you lately, let me be the first: I love you. I appreciate you and I cherish you and all I’m asking for, is for you to feel the same exact way about your beautiful self”.The clip has since received over 8 million views and more than 200,000 comments.“This right here is some seriously aggressive positivity and I am here for it 100%,” one person said

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