This young family is touring the country in their Airstream

Jamie and Jerry took their growing family on the road

Video Transcript

JERRY REA: Welcome to our home.


So here's our Airstream International Signature. It's 28 feet long. We purchased it actually as a family of two. Before we moved in, we found out we were gonna be a family of three. Now, we're a family of four. And fortunately, it's managed to stay big enough for us to kind of survive, even with two little kids in here.

We settled on moving into an RV because we felt like it was the right way for us to explore the United States, which we really hadn't done a lot of. So some features on the outside of the Airstream, we kind of got the classic, aluminum look. Here, we've got an automatic sunshade to provide some additional shade on hot days like this.

So here we are in our kitchen, dining, and living area. Over here, we've got our state tracker. Each one of these bottle caps is actually a state that we've been to. I think we're at 32 or 33 different bottle caps in there right now.

Over here, we've got our kitchen area. We've got a fridge, freezer, three-burner stove top, and then a microwave, slash, convection oven. As we move back to the back room here, this was a queen-sized bed. Reducing the size of the bed to this day bed size, gives us a pretty big play area.

She's got a crib here. And she's got the bed area. But also it's a great seating area. Thanks for visiting our home.