YouTuber Colleen Ballinger reveals she's pregnant with twins after suffering miscarriage

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Colleen Ballinger announces that she's pregnant with twins. (Photo: Getty Images)
Colleen Ballinger announces that she's pregnant with twins. (Photo: Getty Images)

Days after announcing her new pregnancy, Colleen Ballinger revealed surprising news that she has twins on the way. 

The YouTube personality best known for her persona Miranda Sings took to her personal YouTube channel on Monday to share the news of her pregnancy with her 8.56 million subscribers. She noted that the news would come as a shock to those who followed her first pregnancy with her and husband Erik Stocklin's baby boy, Flynn, now 3 years old.

"I had a very miserable, painful, emotional, to be blunt, awful pregnancy. It was not good," she shared in the announcement. "If you've watched me at all in the last three years, all I ever say is I'm never getting pregnant again. That was the plan until I got pregnant."

Ballinger went on to say that she had gotten pregnant in early 2021 before suffering a miscarriage. "It made me so excited to be pregnant, excited to meet that baby, so losing that was devastating," she said. "Immediately Erik and I knew this was something we wanted in our lives, we knew that we immediately wanted to start trying to have another baby."

Just a few months later, she was surprised to see that she and Stocklin were expecting again. She was even too excited to hold onto the news beyond the first trimester. 

"I’m only two months pregnant right now. I’m just eight weeks pregnant. And with Flynn, I waited until I was three months pregnant to tell you guys because I wanted to be out of that first trimester," she explained in the video. "But this time, I don’t want to wait until I’m out of first trimester because I’m so excited and I’m so happy and I feel like a lot of times women are told they’re not allowed to talk about their pregnancy before the first trimester because what if something were to happen? And I don’t think that’s fair to be silencing women from talking about something as difficult as that. And so I think if women want to keep it private, that’s amazing and they should. And if women want to share about it, they should. And both should not be shamed. So I’m choosing to share this with you guys when I’m only two months pregnant."

Ballinger even went on to say that in the short amount of time that she's been pregnant, the experience has been much different, and even more difficult, than the first pregnancy, explaining that she's more nauseated and showing much earlier than anticipated.

Days later, she posted another video that might explain why.

"On April 16th I found out I was pregnant. On May 5th I experienced some concerning complications. I rushed to the doctor for an ultrasound and got an unexpected surprise...," text at the beginning of the video reads, just before a nurse reveals "you have twins."

Ballinger detailed the scare that she had on the morning of May 5 after waking up from dreaming that she had a miscarriage. She later started bleeding and said that "it looked exactly like what it looked like when I had my miscarriage. It really freaked me out and I was confident that it was happening again." 

After going to the doctor, Ballinger learned that she had a polyp that was causing the bleeding. When they did an ultrasound to check on the baby, she also learned that she was carrying twins. 

"It was such whiplash of the emotions in the brain. I can't even explain to you how crazy that experience was," Ballinger said. "I don't think I heard a word she said after she said I was having twins."

The social media star said that twins run in her family, although she's the first to carry the gene since her grandfather. She even acknowledged that the pregnancy is helping her to feel connected to him since his death. Although she doesn't know the sex of the babies, she said that both are healthy.

"I really hope that there are other twin moms out there that can help me out because I'm really scared. I'm scared my body's not gonna be able to do it. And I'm just scared in general," she said. "I barely made it through one baby, so two at the same time sounds very stressful."

Ballinger also shared the news, with photos of her family, on Instagram.

"So excited for TWO babies!!!" she wrote.

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