Yorkie's Ecstatic Reaction to Seeing Dad After 2 Weeks Is Beyond Precious

Look at those tail wags!

Whenever we go away on a trip without our pets, we try and tell our fur babies that we’ll be back. We let them know the exact dates we’ll be gone as if they remember or can even understand us. We never thought they’d understand until this video from TikTok user @louieforprez.

This Yorkie’s dad was gone for two weeks, which was probably the longest two weeks ever for this little fur baby. The dog must’ve been counting down the days because as soon as the elevator got to his floor, he knew exactly what was happening. And his reaction to seeing dad is oh-so-sweet. Check it out!

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O.M.G. How on earth did this Yorkie know his dad was going to be home?! That’s the most precious thing we’ve ever seen. Maybe our pets do understand when we tell them we'll be gone for a certain amount of time. Also, did you see how fast that Yorkie ran? We've never seen a Yorkie’s legs move so quickly. LOL!

“Omg his tail can’t wag fast enough!” said @mobetta_32. SO cute! His tail was trying to keep up with how much happiness he was feeling, but it was all so overwhelming. “Pure love,” added @slimladin.

Another TikTok user, @arayasmile5, wrote, “Yorkies are the best. Thank you for getting down for all the kisses.” It’s the least dad could do after being separated from his baby for two weeks! That was two weeks too long for Louie. The only other way this dad can make it up to Louie is through nonstop snuggling and ten treats a day for the next two weeks. Sorry, we don't make the rules!

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