New Yorker deemed ‘pizza snob’ over her ‘rude’ restaurant behavior

A woman embarrassed her friend over a slice of pizza – but she thinks the friend had it coming. the woman turned to Reddit's Am I the A****** forum asking if she took things too far. a friend from New York visited her in Seattle. The friend waxed poetic about how New York City has the best pizza. the woman took her visiting friend to a certified Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) pizza shop. the friend complained the whole time that the food wasn't authentic. "she went on and on about how it wasn't authentic and wasn't real pizza, and she should know because, quote, 'I'm from New York, and we know what authentic pizza is like'". The Reddit poster tried to explain the pizza was authentic, just not the same kind they serve in New York. "I showed her the flyer explaining that the pizza place that we were at had AVPN certification" . Reddit users thought the friend needed to chill about the pizza. "She was being a pizza snob, and you just played her game," someone said. "She sounds exhausting," another responded