Yes, Oprah’s Net Worth Is Still in the Billions, Thanks for Asking

Jason Pham

When we think of rich celebrities, we think of Oprah. It’s only natural. For the past 25-plus years, Oprah has built a media empire worth millions, which makes us wonder: What’s Oprah’s net worth now?

In a 2019 interview with O magazine (you know, which she also owns), Oprah opened up about how she spent her first million dollars. “That is a lot of money. And the first thing I did when I got my check for a million dollars was I took a picture of it,” she said. “So there’s a picture of me holding the cheque for a million dollars.”

She went on to reveal her first purchase with the money, which started with some high-quality towels. “Towels that are so big and fluffy that you can wrap your whole body in. I...

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