Yes, Nev Schulman Has Had Dance Training Before 'DWTS,' but Not Enough to Give Him an Edge

Kelsey Hurwitz
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Ever since season 29 of Dancing With the Stars began, there's been some online chatter about competitor Nev Schulman's dance background. The host of MTV's docuseries Catfish has performed well since the first episode of the show, earning scores of 20, 21, and 24 out of a possible 30, which after three weeks has him and his partner Jenna Johnson tied for first place with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev at a total of 65 points.

Bristowe has been open about her own dance background, sharing in her pre-dance interviews that she always dreamt of being a dancer and that she trained in dance throughout her school years. So what about Schulman's dance background? A brief — and somewhat dubious — line in his Wikipedia page claims he "studied dance for five years."

On DWTS's Instagram stories on Sunday, Schulman finally had the chance to set the record straight on his dance background. The question asked of Schulman and Johnson was: "Nev have you had any prior dance experience?"

"So there have been some rumors about how much dance experience I had coming into this," Schulman said. "I’ve been very open about it. When I was in fifth grade I started dancing with an organization. It was not formal training, it was not ballroom or ballet or even jazz, it was just youthful kind of kid performance movement."

"Dance troupe," Johnson interjected, to which Schulman agreed. "It was a dance troupe," he said. "And I danced with them for three or four years, and then casually here or there through high school and a little bit in college, took a couple dance classes but never really pursued it seriously or danced at any kind of competitive level."

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first fitting 🤗

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It looks like Schulman's high-scoring moves have all been thanks to his training with Johnson and the long hours of practice the duo has been putting in. Tune into Dancing With the Stars Monday on ABC at 8 p.m. EST to see how Schulman and Johnson score on their next routine.

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