Yes, You Can Make Any Bra Strapless — Here’s How

In a pinch, you can make do with any bra in your wardrobe.

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Not all bras are created equally, nor are they all designed to do the same task. However, if we've learned anything from the style experts and influencers peppering our social feeds, it’s that in times of a fashion crisis, crafty measures can be taken to pull off virtually any look.

For example, let’s say you don’t own a traditional strapless bra, but the outfit you want to wear for a specific occasion calls for an invisible means of bust support. Authorities in the space say, with a little creativity, you can make any bra strapless — whether said straps are adjustable, removable, or none of the above.

Ahead, we’re rounding up expert-recommended methods to transform your strappy brassiere into a strapless undergarment that is both comfortable and supportive. At the very least, all you’ll need is the bra you’re working with. At the very most, a bobby pin, safety pin, or paper clip.

Spread the Straps

“You can transform your standard bra into a strapless bra that stays put by spreading the straps as far as they can go. After putting on the bra, stretch each strap over your head and encase it around your ribcage. This easy trick will make your bra straps invisible beneath any strapless attire.” - Pilar Scratch, celebrity stylist

Remove the Straps

“Keep in mind that not all bras are designed to be worn strapless. You can use fashion tape or other adhesive products to help keep the bra in place when making it strapless. I've used fashion tape on a few of my celebrity clients to make them strapless bras for shoots.” - LooksByLunden, celebrity stylist

Tuck the Straps

“Tuck the sashes into the cups of the bra. I usually do this when I'm on set for TV or a film and the talent doesn't have a strapless bra. You want to be certain the band is a perfect fit. This way the bra stays in place without the support from the straps. I usually use a rubber band.” - Antone Von Boozier, fashion expert and celebrity shopper

Use Cups to DIY A Built-in Bra

“If you’ve got an old bra, turn it into custom cups for your dress or top. Just cut the band and straps off and simply pin or quickly stitch into your dress — et voila, a custom fit!” - Christina Petry, personal stylist

Criss-Cross Straps in Front

“Start by putting on your bra as normal. Then, use each strap's adjustable clasp to make them as long as possible. Remove each strap from your shoulder, so they are both dangling under your armpits. Pull the straps to the middle of your chest and hold them together with your fingers.

Next, hook the straps together with a paperclip and secure them in the middle of your chest. Then, pull each strap apart to create an "X" shape across your bra cups. Tighten the straps until they feel comfortable. You now have a strapless bra to wear under your favorite strapless outfit. - Naina Singla, fashion stylist and style expert

Hide Straps in The Back

“One issue with trying to turn your average bra into something strapless is that, more often than not, you're left with gaping cups in the front that look distracting under your clothes. With that in mind, try slipping your arms out of the straps, then pulling the straps together in the back — elongating them if you need to! — before fastening them together with a safety pin or paperclip.” - Samantha Sutton, stylist and fashion writer


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