If You Like 'Yellowstone' You'll Love Hallmark Channel's Western Series 'Ride' — Meet The Cast + Get The Scoop on Season 2

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It's official: The cowboy renaissance is upon us in full force. Kicked off in 2018 with the premiere of the Paramount hit series Yellowstone and its counterparts 1883 and 1923 in quick succession, and now, Western dramas scatter network television. One of the newest neo-Westerns on the block, and quickly gaining a foothold in the stirrup of television cowboy dramas, is Ride the Hallmark Channel's 2023 hit that packs in the same family conflicts, romance and gripping storytelling with a decidedly feel-good Hallmark flair. Here, read about the cast of Ride television show, what you missed in the first season and if we can expect season two!

Beau Mirchoff, Tiera Skovbye, Nancy Travis, Sara Garcia, cast of Ride television show

Catch up on Ride season one

Nothing says cowboys quite like the rodeo, and Ride puts viewers smack dab in the center of Colorado rodeo culture. The series follows the McMurray family, who make up a legendary rodeo dynasty. The Ride television show revolves around matriarch Isabel McMurray, her three sons, Cash, Tuff and Austin, and Austin's wife, Missy, as they navigate the high-stakes rodeo circuit and try to keep their family ranch running.

Nancy Travis, Beau Mirchoff, Tiera Skovbye, Cast of Ride television show
Isabel, Cash and Missy, RideMichelle Faye/Hallmark

*Spoilers ahead*

The series begins at the family's ranch as they prep for Austin to compete in the rodeo that day. At the rodeo, we're introduced to Cash, Austin's brother who just returned from the Marine Corps. Cash and Missy, Austin's wife, share a tender reunion upon seeing one another, and their private conversation regarding Austin's volatile temperament is overheard. Austin begins his ride, but tragedy strikes: He is thrown from the bull, trampled and dies.

Beau Mirchoff, Tiera Skovbye, Marcus Rosner, 'Ride'
Missy, Cash and Austin speak before competition, RideDavid Brown/Hallmark

Flash forward a year, the family is not only dealing with the loss of Austin but with the financial hardships of running the family ranch, which is revealed to be in foreclosure. As the series progresses, we watch as relationships evolve, new characters come into the picture and the family comes together as they attempt to save their ranch.

The cast of Ride television show

Take a look at the cowboys and cowgirls that tell this compelling story.

Nancy Travis as Isabel McMurray

Nancy Travis, cast of ride television show
Christos Kalohoridis/Hallmark

Isabel McMurray, played by Nancy Travis best known for Three Men and A Baby and Last Man Standing, leads the McMurray clan as the matriarch. Her courage and strength as she attempts to save her family's ranch didn't come to her overnight — when her husband, Dusty, died in a rodeo accident, she raised her three sons on her own.

"I love her grit and grace, and the fact that for me, it's an opportunity to play somebody that is a fully formed person," Travis told People. She continued, "This was a chance to play somebody that has a full spectrum of feelings and emotions and desires and ambitions. And that was a thrill. I'm still very much discovering her, and I'm enjoying that."

Tiera Skovbye as Missy McMurray

Tiera Skovbye, Ride
David Brown/Hallmark

Missy, played by Tiera Skovbye, found her way onto the McMurray ranch when she married Austin McMurray, Isabel's son who was killed in a tragic rodeo accident, leaving the family reeling from the loss. A former trick rider and rodeo queen, she was Austin's coach until his passing. Eventually, she takes on another coaching role – for his brother Cash.

"I have loved playing Missy," Tiera Skovbye dished to TV Fanatic. "She's such a dynamic character with so much going on. She's dealing with grief and self-discomfort and figuring out who she is, what she wants, and her passions. Playing her has just been so much fun because there's so much to work with."

Beau Mirchoff as Cash McMurray

Beau Mirchoff, 'Ride'
Christos Kalohoridis/Hallmark

Cash, although brooding, has the best interest of his family in mind in almost all of his endeavors. When he returns home from serving in the Marine Corps, he pursues bull riding in attempt to support his family. All the while, Cash, played by Beau Mirchoff, is harboring feelings for Missy, his deceased brother's wife.

"I loved his journey. I thought it was really interesting and really fun to play as a really complicated person trying to... We're all just trying to be happy at the end of the day," Mirchoff told Entertainment Tonight. "I enjoyed investigating that with Cash. I love that part about acting where sometimes it can parallel your life even when you don't mean it to. But you have to ask yourself the same questions that the character is going through, and it always raises interesting realizations for yourself."

Jake Foy as Tuff McMurray

Jake Foy, 'Ride'
Christos Kalohoridis/Hallmark

Tuff, played by Jake Foy, is the youngest of the McMurray clan and is fiercely loyal to his family and their interests. Whether it be lending his brother a hand in his rodeo career or lending his mother a hand as she attempts to save the family ranch, Tuff McMurray is willing to put his own interests aside for the sake of those around him.

"We've been very, very lucky as an ensemble cast to be meaningfully involved in every step of production," Foy told Wide Open Country. "We didn't have a full season [written] when we began shooting last summer, and everyone in the creative departments was very purposeful about folding in our thoughts into not just the story but everything down to the wardrobe and relationship elements between characters. So it's been a really collaborative process."

Sara Garcia as Valeria Galindo

Sara Garcia, cast of ride television show
Christos Kalohoridis/Hallmark

Valeria Galindo, played by Sara Garcia, is another loyal member of the McMurray clan. Although not related by blood, her dedication to helping save the ranch and provide Isabel with the help she needs over the course of the season shows her love for this group, even if she does hide her mysterious past from time to time.

"She's also complex and layered, and as an actor, I'm allowed to pour a lot of myself and my experience into her," Garcia told TV Fanatic. "She's a mystery. I'm filling in all these spaces between, and it's been a creative journey for me as an actor.

Tyler Jacob Moore as Gus Booker

Tyler Jacob Moore, cast of ride television show
Christos Kalohoridis/Shutterstock

With a smile as charming as Tyler Jacob Moore's, he fits the bill as Gus Booker, the wealthy son of an oil baron who arrives at the ranch hoping to invest. As expected, his presence is met with wariness by the McMurray clan.

"I appreciate that Gus views life as being more about relationships and people than money and things. He didn’t feel at home where he grew up, and now he’s going into a world and sort of falls in love with this ranching community, as well as Missy McMurray," he explained to Monsters & Critics.

"So he also feels sort of a bit of an outsider here, too. They view him as an outsider because he grew up in affluence and wealth. He yearns for this home, this thing that they have, that the McMurrays have, which is this lovely, familial love and support and sense of home. I was drawn to that part of the character."

Where can I watch Ride?

You can stream Ride on Hallmark Movies Now, Hallmark TV, Amazon, Apple TV, Vudu and Peacock.

Will there be a Ride season 2?

There is no word as far as whether a second season is on the way, but both fans and the cast of Ride television show have hope for a follow-up season of this drama packed television show.

Beau Mirchoff, Nancy Travis, cast of Ride television show
Cash (Beau Mirchoff) and mom, Isabel (Nancy Travis), RideDavid Brown/Hallmark

In an interview with TV Line, when asked about a second season, Beau Mirchoff, who plays Cash in the cast of Ride television show, said, "I don’t know. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I mean, fans seem to love it, the ratings are pretty good. More people are discovering it, that’s really cool. Sometimes, shows need a little time. It’s a really great show. I think they’d be silly not to give it a second season."

We're with you there, Beau!

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