'Yellowstone' Fans Had a Huge Reaction to Kayce's Emotional Decision in Episode 3

'Yellowstone' Fans Had a Huge Reaction to Kayce's Emotional Decision in Episode 3

Yellowstone's 5th season got off to an intense start, with John taking office, Monica's tragic accident, and two of the ranch hands killing protected wolves. The show promised not to take their foot off the gas, and they've made good on that promise this week. The emotional episode, titled "Tall Drink of Water," focused on two of the Dutton siblings, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Kayce (Luke Grimes).

Kayce Chooses His Family

Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Mo (Mo Brings Plenty) meet with Kayce and Monica to talk about a traditional burial ceremony to honor their baby, John. Kayce tells them about his vision from the end of season 4. He explains that his vision told him that he has to choose between his job as a livestock agent and his family. Kayce says that every time he does something for his job, something bad happens to his family, including the death of his baby. So, even though the job benefits his father he's choosing his family and leaving his job. He asked Gil for a job, and Moe suggests that he become an investigator for the department of justice.

kayce dutton on porch with mo and thomas
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Monica leaves the conversation and goes in the kitchen. The three men find her on the floor with a knife, crying and cutting off her hair. Gil tells Kayce it is part of her grief process.

Kayce then heads to the ranch and has a heart-to-heart with his father, John, asking if he can bury the baby on his land. John agrees, and Kayce tells his dad he can no longer be a livestock agent and hands over his badge. He says, "I can't serve both. I choose her, and I choose my son." John says, "The state needs you Kayce," and he replies, "She needs me more. They both do."

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The Yellowstone Instagram account posted a photo of Kayce and fans commented with their thoughts about his decision. They left messages like, "Family First! 💛💛💛," "Very emotional storyline with this one," "He will choose Monica and Tate which he should always! They are the heart of the show," and "Maybe he'll move back to the ranch where he belongs."

Beth Meets Her Match

Of course, Kayce wasn't the only Dutton seeing some emotional screen time this week. Beth starts off with an unexpected early-morning moment with her father, and they drink their coffee on the porch. John admits to his daughter that he's been thinking about his late wife. He tells Beth, "She was a magnificent woman. I wish she could have lived long enough for you to recognize that, to know it, to know how much she loved you."

Beth replies to her father, "You can love a memory all you want, but it can't love you back. Find someone you can love while you're still young enough to do it. Her memory's not going anywhere." She then gets in her car and breaks down in tears.

john dutton and kayce dutton
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Beth then heads to a meeting with a Market Equities competitor. The two agree to a plan that will effectively shut Market Equities out of any deals in Montana and protecting the Dutton land. A triumphant Beth comes home and wants to go to a cowboy bar to celebrate, so she heads to the bunkhouse, where Lloyd's birthday celebration is underway, and convinces everyone to head to a cowboy bar with her. Rip says no, but ultimately relents and joins the group.

Everyone is drinking and dancing. When Rip goes to the bar to order another round, a drunk woman flirts with him, and Beth breaks a bottle over her head, then a brawl breaks out. The cops arrive, and, despite Rip's warnings ("You know who that is, right?"), the sheriff reads Beth her rights and carts her off to jail to charge her with aggravated assault.

The teaser for episode 4, "Horses in Heaven," shows Beth behind bars and sets up a major Beth-Jamie showdown. Tune in on November 27 to see how it all pans out.

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