'Yellowstone' Fans Are Freaking Out Over a New Clip from the Season 4 Teaser Video

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'Yellowstone' Fans Are Freaking Out Over a New Clip from the Season 4 Teaser Video

Yellowstone fans finally got a bit of news when Paramount Network released a long-awaited teaser for the show's fourth season. The video shows scenes from season 3, including the explosion at Beth Dutton's office and her brother Kayce getting shot, along with the ominous message, "Revenge will be worth the wait." The teaser does not give an exact premier date, but promises it's "coming this fall," so fans, who were expecting a June 20 return of the show, will have to wait at least a few more months to find out the fate of Yellowstone's main characters.

While most of the footage in the one-minute-long video comes from season 3, eagle-eyed fans noticed a blink-and-you-miss-it snippet that appears to be from the new season. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is shown lying on the side of the road after being shot, when a truck drives up and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) runs out and yells, "John, don't you die on me now! Not like this. You hear me?"

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Some fans commented that they were disappointed to see a teaser video with only old footage. One said, "Ok but why is no one talking about how these are all old clips?" And another pointed out, "All they did was show a bunch of previews from the first 3 seasons."

But other fans of the show were quick to point out the previously unreleased scene. One viewer wrote, "OMG!!! I've never seen the clip where Rip is running to help JD! 😍😍😍"

Another said, "That's a new clip from season 4 pretty much spoiling the fact that he didn't die. It's gonna be good. Can't wait."

One viewer commented, "Ah ha, so Rip finds Costner, so we know he doesn't die."

One excited fan said, "I almost started crying just to know Rip is coming...revenge is coming. Yellowstone is coming!"

Fall can't come soon enough!

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