'Yellowstone' Fans Say Cole Hauser Doesn't 'Get Enough Credit' After Seeing Incredible New Video

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'Yellowstone' Fans Say Cole Hauser Doesn't 'Get Enough Credit' After Seeing Incredible New Video

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Yellowstone posted a "Best of Rip Wheeler" video on Youtube, and we know what we'll be watching on repeat until season 5 comes out in November.

The 18-minute-lot compilation features highlights from Cole Hauser's four seasons on the hit Paramount Network show, but honestly, the footage could be much longer. Everything the fan-favorite ranch hand says is quote-worthy. From violent encounters with anyone who crosses him to romantic interactions with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) to poignant moments with young orphan Carter (Finn Little), any scene with Rip is worth watching again and again.

The Yellowstone Youtube account posted the video with the caption, "A look at some of Rip’s most memorable Yellowstone moments, from his first day on the ranch to his bond with Beth." And fans immediately commented with words of appreciation for Rip's character and Cole Hauser's portrayal:

  • "Rip absolutely makes the show."

  • "This show is filled with amazing, fascinating, well-crafted characters top to bottom, but Rip has always been the standout to me."

  • "Rip is as much a key star in the show as Costner. They work together in perfection."

  • "Never in all my life have I ever liked a character more than Rip Wheeler."

  • "The cast of this show is stacked but nobody gives Cole Hauser enough credit. He is Rip."

  • "One of the greatest characters ever on TV!"

We couldn't agree more. Season five returns to Paramount Network on November 13. Until then, catch up on the first four seasons on Peacock.

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