YB Loves: The Ultimate Glitter Polish Remover

Joanna Douglas
·Senior Editor

Photo: Butter London 

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If you’ve ever worn glitter nail polish you know how long a sparkly manicure can last. But you’ll also likely recall how impossible it is to remove every twinkling fleck from your nail beds. Even acetone is no match for dislodging glitter—especially around the cuticle area. And thus far I’ve been pretty unimpressed with polish remover wipes. I’ve found that most pre-moistened towelettes can barely get through one hand before drying up. So imagine my shock when the heavily-saturated Butter London Glitter Scrubbers ($12 for a pack of 10) got my nails impeccably clean with a few gentle swipes in a pinch.

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Two weeks ago I was rushing out the door to a holiday party when I realized I could no longer fake an ombre effect with my chipping black and gold glitter manicure. I grabbed one of these wipes and opened it up while walking down the stairs in my building. By the time I got to the corner to hail a cab my nails were all cleaned up without a trace of glitter. Crisis averted! The wipe was still moist and didn’t fray, and best of all, my nails felt conditioned and looked nice thanks to the infused aloe and vitamin E. From now on I’m stashing these everywhere.

Available at butterlondon.com, ulta.com, and Macys.com