YB Loves: A Green Powder That Delivers Beauty Nutrients On-the Go


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A few months ago, I tried (and loved) the alkaline diet. The idea is that by replacing foods that cause excess acidity like meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar, and flour — with more alkaline foods like vegetables, legumes, and nuts — your body will be less susceptible to disease and inflammation. After doing a weeklong cleanse, and then trying to keep it up by eating alkaline 80% of the time, I’ve lost weight, have better skin, and much more energy. What started out as an assignment for work, turned into something much more life-changing.

Nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, directed my initial alkaline cleanse and introduced me to AlkaMind Daily Greens and Daily Minerals powders. To start the day, you mix a glass of water with Daily Greens powder, a100% certified organic greens including wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and beetroot.


This powder is all you need for a boost of energy and your daily recommended veggies. (Photo: AlkaMind)

Just one scoop of powder promises more energy, better digestion, and the nutrient benefits of five servings of organic greens every day. But while it promises a peach flavor, don’t expect it to be sweet. If you don’t love the taste, try mixing it with grapefruit juice. I’ve used Daily Greens as an add-on and love the energy boost, especially during that late afternoon lull. While eating whole vegetables is obviously always the best way to get your greens in, the single-serve packets can give you a nutrient burst when you are on-the-go.


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