Yankees Fans Hilariously Terrified by Squirrel in the Stands: Viral Video

Yankees fans got a little more than they bargained for this week when a squirrel startled a few spectators in the outfield. During Tuesday night's Yankees vs. Orioles game, fans were caught on camera being startled by a scofflaw squirrel—to hilarious effect.

Many fans first noticed the squirrel in the Yankees bullpen area. Soon after, the wayward rodent had climbed up the outfield wall and was scampering along the perimeter of the outfield. Fans along the way ranged from shocked to indifferent, but several had hilariously scared reactions to being surprised by the roaming critter.

The squirrel eventually ran afoul of one fan, ricocheting off her arm and falling nearly nine feet back down to the field. But despite the lengthy fall, he managed to land on his feet in an impressive display of athleticism.

At least he met a better end than the cockroach that crashed the Met Gala red carpet.