‘When y’all ask what it’s like having toddler twins’: Security cam captures mom’s hilarious struggle

A mom shared exactly what it’s like raising twin boys, revealing it’s practically a health hazard.

TikToker @im.stephiej is the mom of twin toddler sons. It’s one thing to raise two young children, but it’s another story when they’re perfectly in sync. The mom posted a hilarious video of her trying to complete the simple task of walking her two sons to daycare. It’s safe to say that the boys launched a coordinated attack on mom.

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“When y’all ask what it’s like having toddler twins,” the caption read.

Surveillance cameras captured the funny incident. Each son held one of the mother’s hands as they headed down the street. Things looked pretty innocuous — until, all of a sudden, the twin boys jumped up in unison while still holding mom’s hands.

The innocent excitement quickly turned into a wrestling move as they flipped their mom over, causing her to fall on her back in the middle of the street. Fortunately, @im.stephiej lived to tell the hilarious tale.

The video racked up over 7 million views on TikTok.

“Y’all done kilt ya momma!” a user joked.

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“I can’t keep my eyes open from laughing so hard! That was planned, I tell ya! At lease they came after to check on you,” someone added.

“Your own kids. It be your own kids man,” another said.

“They just did a whole wrestling move on you mama! Hardy boys showed out mini version hahaha omg got me wheezing at the dentist office,” a person wrote.

“Future WWE Tag Team champions!” a TikToker replied.

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