WU? Pumpkin Stencil

To easily clean your pumpkin before carving, let your gourd come to room temperature first. Then pull out all the guts with your hands and trim off the clinging bits by scraping the pumpkin walls with a stiff metal spoon or ice cream scoop.

To carve:

1. Clean your pumpkin by following our tips in the caption, above. Tape your printed WU? stencil to the outside of your hollowed-out pumpkin. (Hint: Choose a flat, smooth side to carve.)

2. Reproduce the WU? pattern onto the pumpkin's exterior by puncturing the stencil lines with a large nail or needle tool. Keep nail holes tightly-spaced, ideally within 1/8" of each other.

3. Take off the printed pattern and cut along the nail holes with a thin, serrated knife.

4. Press on the carved sections from inside the pumpkin, gently pushing them out and revealing the WU? design. Light your pumpkin with a battery-operated candle.