No More Sloppy Presents! Here’s How to Wrap a Gift the Right Way

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Our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Wrap a GiftKayla Ramsey

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Chances are, you've put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best gifts for everyone this year, from your kids to your partner to your boss and well beyond. So, when the time comes, make sure you're not handing over a haphazardly wrapped present! Even the most heartfelt gift can look like an afterthought when hastily taped together.

Luckily, box-shaped presents are incredibly easy to wrap — the secret's in cutting the paper down to custom-fit the gift. Once your wrapping is complete, you'll also want ribbon and gift tags on hand to give it an extra-special touch for your recipient. They're sure to appreciate that you went the extra mile for them.

Following these simple steps on how to wrap a gift will ensure a crisp and neat-looking presentation every time.

What You’ll Need to Wrap a Gift:

  1. A roll of wrapping paper

  2. Gift-wrap tape

  3. Sharp scissors

  4. A spool of ribbon

Wrapping the Present

Step 1: First, roll out your wrapping paper, and place the narrowest end of the box right next to the edge of the paper. Fold the paper up onto the box so that it covers its full height.

Step 2: Make note of this equivalent measurement on the opposite side and cut.

Step 3: Flip the box 90 degrees. Slide the widest end of the box to the new edge of the paper. Roll the box forward onto its three other sides.

Step 4: Add 2 more inches to the width, and cut. Now you have a perfectly sized sheet of gift wrap. You might have some leftover paper here, which you can use for wrapping up smaller presents, making envelopes for gift cards, or folding them up as gift tags.

Step 5: Now, make sure the box is upside-down on the paper, and place it in the middle of the sheet. Fold over one long end, and tape it to the far side of the box. Then, fold over the other long end and secure it down with tape.

Step 6: Now we're onto the sides. Where the sheet edges overlap, fold them down and tape them to the box. Crease the angles for a sharp edge, then individually fold them in and tape them down. Repeat this on the other side.

The wrapping portion is done! From here, you can embellish your gift however you'd like. We love adding a personal touch with a hand-tied bow.

Tying It Up With a Bow

Step 7: First, cut a length of ribbon that is 10 times the longest length of the box. With the box upside down, loop the ribbon around its midsection so that it lies flat under the box. Cross it over the middle, and extend both ends to the unwrapped sides. Flip the box over.

Step 8: Make a simple knot to secure it in the middle, and then tie as big a bow as you like, keeping the loops of the bow even.

Step 9: Finally, cut your ribbon ends at an angle and admire your beautiful work. Happy gifting!

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