The Worst Fast Food Items Reddit Users Say You Should Never Order

This article has been updated since its initial publish date. 

Over on the subreddit r/fastfood, Redditors have been debating the worst fast food items that should be avoided—and some of their answers may shock you!

From Taco Bell to Burger King, many responders chipped in with their opinions on the “nastiest” and “worst value” items,

Redditor Comment: ‘I’m Gonna Say Most Big Name Fast Food Fries’

One major point of agreement was that many fast-food restaurants’ French fries are subpar—”I’m gonna say most big name fast food fries,” started one thread—though opinions differed on who exactly had the best and worst of the bunch. “Avoid White Castle and [Burger King fries] like the plague,” advised a sage fast-food fan.

“[Burger King] fries are only good for about 5 minutes immediately out of the frier,” agreed another response. “Wendy’s are pure garbage,” added another Redditor. “Burger King, Hardee’s, and [Dairy Queen] have the worst fries known to man. I don’t know which is worse out of those three. I think they use the same company,” said one conspiratorial commenter.

Burger King received further disdain in another thread: “I absolutely hate Burger King. The food is always nasty and tastes old. They have been bad for at least a decade.” Ouch!


Another item that prompted much discussion was Chipotle's queso, of which one Redditor asked, "Is [it] still as bad as I remember? Chalky and spoiled-milk tasting?" Unfortunately: "Yes. Yes, it is," confessed one respondent. Emotions were clearly stirred up by the question, with another commenter adding "Chipotle queso is SO AWFUL. They made such a big deal out of it too for it to just be terrible."

Blanket recommendations were also made: "Anything that's a special or exclusive at KFC should be avoided at all costs," insisted an r/fastfood subscriber. This declaration was called "underrated" and "very true", and one former KFC customer added, "I just tried the chicken and waffle sandwich. I threw it away after like 2 bites. I stick with my famous bowls now."

'Worst Fast Food Item' Query Prompts Passionate Debate

Redditors discussed not only the worst tasting fast-food items, but also the worst values, in an attempt to hopefully save others from their mistakes. The original poster began the conversation with one popular Taco Bell item.

"Worst value I think is the MexiMelt from Taco Bell. By me it costs $2.69 and all it has is beef, cheese and pico. You could literally take the $1 loaded nacho taco and add pico to have a more filling item for less than half the price. I feel the MexiMelt should be a $1 item and have no idea why it's almost $3."

When one response mentioned that the MexiMelt had been taken off of menus, another Redditor clapped back, saying, "About time. A beefy mini no sauce, add pico, not grilled is not even 2 dollars, that thing was so overpriced."

Taco Bell continued to get dinged for value further down the thread: "[Any] large soda for more than $1," stated one fast food aficionado. "Taco Bell charges like $2.75! Always a buck at McDonald’s." Commenters agreed: "Especially at the drive thru where you don't get refills and that's built into the cost," complained one responder.

Thanks to these helpful Redditors, it seems like we all have a lot to consider the next time we peruse the menu at our neighborhood fast-food drive-thru...hopefully, we'll end up with better items and better values than they did!