How to Make Wooden Hexagon Shelves

Stylized shelves are a great way to liven up your empty wall space and give your room a contemporary aesthetic. In this video, learn how to make wooden hexagon shelves. This DIY requires wood boards, mounting brackets, a sanding block, a tape measure, and a nail gun. First, measure the wood and make the proper cuts for 20 1x6x12-inch boards while also trimming the ends of each board to 30 degrees. Next, lay out the hexagon and run a bead of wood glue where the two cut angles meet before pressing them firmly together. Now, use a nail gun to run brad nails through the angled side of the joint into the straight run of the other board. Repeat the process with the remaining pieces. Configure the hexagons however you want before installing the hanging brackets on the back. Check out the video to learn more about this do-it-yourself design.