You Won't Believe How Old These McDonald's Fries Found In A Bathroom Wall Are

When remodeling a home of a certain age, you're sure to come across a surprise or two. These surprises usually consist of unexpected structural damage or wonky plumbing. But for one couple, their bathroom renovation came with a side of well-preserved, decades-old McDonald's fries. Yes, fries.

People reports that the couple, Grace and Rob Jones, were preparing to remodel their 63-year-old home's kitchen and bathroom when the bizarre discovery was made. Rob Jones explained that he was preparing to take out the Crystal Lake, Illinois home's original toilet paper holder when he stumbled upon the ancient snack.

"It was actually kind of hard to remove. I had to pull out some chisels and pliers, really yank on it because it was stuck in like old plaster," Jones shared with TODAY. "So as I was doing that, I [could] kind of see through one of the corners, some sort of cloth or something in there."

The surprises didn't stop there. Jones also found two hamburger wrappers that included the McDonald's original logo. The vintage wrappers, which featured the fast food restaurant's first mascot Speedee, turned out to be a nostalgic treat for Grace Jones' mother.

"She was at the grand opening when they opened it," Jones revealed. "So she's been so excited because it's bringing her right back to when she was a kid there…She can still rattle off how much the cheeseburger was when it opened and how much the fries were and all that."

The Joneses still have the wrapper and fries, but they are willing to part ways for the "right price."

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