TikTok debates double standard of using emojis in work emails: 'I replied normally and was told I was being blunt'

Corporate TikTok deliberates the double standards of email punctuation.

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A “corporate “20-something” woman shared that she recently adopted the direct way her male coworkers communicate — it sparked a debate. Often, men don’t have to cover up their concise responses over Slack or email. They have the privilege of saying what they mean without the niceties attached.

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But when women don’t spend time softening their messages in polite euphemisms, emojis and exclamation points, they might be interpreted as curt. The same double standard is often found with race relations in the workplace.

TikToker @hattietok_ said she wasn’t going to participate in the sexist language policing anymore.

“POV: You’re a corporate twenty something who doesn’t put a [smile emoji] after everything, and instead just copies how your coworkers message,” a video caption read.

Not everyone was sure about this strategy, but others sang its praises.

“I don’t do this and everyone says I’m ‘stand offish,'” someone wrote.

“You’ll never take my slack emojis from me,” a person replied.

“Remember when I replied normally and was told I was being blunt,” another commented.

“Me: types a message matching their energy, and then deletes it and sends one with a smiley instead,” someone wrote.

“I literally put a smiley after every message,” a user said.

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