Women Are Sharing The Subtle Creepy Things Men STILL Do In 2021, And Honestly, I Hate It Here

I recently wrote a post about a viral Reddit thread where women shared creepy behavior they regularly experience from men. And because the BS women have to deal with knows no bounds, it inspired a ton of comments and stories from our own BuzzFeed Community. Here are some more creepy/gross/annoying behaviors women would like men to retire ASAP:

1."Making comments about my body and weight. I ran into someone I haven't seen in three years, and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'Damn, you got hella chunky. Did you have a baby or are you just eating a lot?' Like, fuck you, honestly. Don't make comments about my weight. Just don't do it."



2."When I’m on a date with a guy and he tells me things he could only know if he did a deep dive into my socials and the socials of my friends and family."

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3."Trying to invite me over for the first date instead of meeting in a public space, and/or not understanding that I want to buy my own drink in case it gets spiked."


4."Touching my lower back when they need to get past me at a concert and/or in a club. They always claim that they didn’t think I’d hear them, but interestingly enough, I’ve yet to see a guy do it to another man."



5."Men who pressure me to smoke weed. If you like to smoke it, that’s perfectly fine. Go for it. But whenever I tell a guy that I don’t like marijuana, he's like, 'Well, you just haven’t been smoking the right stuff,' 'You don’t know how to inhale,' 'I’ll show you how to do it right.' How 'bout no? How 'bout I just don’t want to?"


6."Trying to 'debate' me into sleeping with them. 'I don’t want to fuck you' is all the reason I need, bro."


7."I can’t stand it when men keep asking me to send them a pic. Even if they just ask for a face photo. I don’t think they understand how insecure I get when I try to take a selfie, especially if it’s one of those days where I’m wearing no makeup and my hair's dirty. Even when I’m looking cute, it takes 100 selfies to take one decent picture. If I don’t feel like taking a selfie, please don’t say things like, 'Boo, that’s lame,' or 'It just takes a second.' Respect my boundaries, and I’ll send you a picture when I feel like it."


8."Telling me that I look better without makeup, or saying I wear too much. I'm not wearing it for you. My makeup is art. I spend thousands on makeup to make my art, so best believe I'm not considering your opinion at all. I know I don't need it because I also look beautiful without it. Men also hate when you know that you're beautiful instead of faking insecurity."

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9."'Complimenting' me by favorably comparing me to other women. Like, 'You’re beautiful and sweet, and these other women are ugly bitches.'"


10."When you're talking to guys on dating apps and they try to talk you into giving them a massage or back rub when you haven’t even met them. They act like they’re playing innocent and it’s just a harmless shoulder rub, but they’re all just trying to initiate sex, and if you don’t want to do it, then you’re a prude who just doesn’t care about how they’re sore and hurting. Gaslighting level one."


11."Using my phone number I’ve given them for business or delivery purposes to ask me out. Like, dude, you’ve just delivered food to my door, which means you know where I live, you know (from the fact that you delivered food for one) that I probably live alone, and now you’re texting me. All the while, I don’t even know you. It’s scary AF."


12."Giving some super-creepy compliment like, 'I like the way your [body part] looks in that [article of clothing],' and then acting hurt and offended when we aren’t appreciative of said super-creepy compliment."



13."Friend-requesting me on Facebook, then DM'ing me without checking my relationship status. Dude, I'm married, and the fact that you didn’t even check before messaging me means you either don’t care or you’re not very observant."


14."Any man who tries to belittle women for their political/social justice beliefs with phrases like 'feminazi' or anything that tries to put them in a box to label them invalid. Differences in political opinions are a thing, but please, there's no reason to belittle women, ESPECIALLY on topics of social justice and feminist grounds. Stand up and speak like an adult if you don't agree with something."


15."The 'friend zone' guy who keeps demanding an explanation or tries to psychoanalyze your reasoning for not dating him. I had a man repeatedly push for a date after I'd both subtly hinted and clearly stated that I wasn't interested, and send me a VERY long message about how I must only want to date guys I need to fix because I don't think I deserve better. Like, no, babes, I'm just not attracted to you, and you're whiny and kinda mean."


16."Flirting with you at the gas/charging station. You literally can't leave, so then you have to do the fake, placating smile-and-laugh routine so they won't get mad and kill you for rejecting them."



17."Saying stuff like, 'You remind me of my [insert "wife," "this girl I dated," "this girl I…"]' — it’s just a creepy excuse men use to sexualize women (and often girls) in the most casual, workaround contexts. My boss at my internship did this (he said I looked like his wife, and then proceeded to describe the way she looked in a sex position immediately after), and I'd never felt so violated in my life."


18."There’s this tendency among some older men to act as if they can (inappropriately) joke around with young women and act as if it’s all 'harmless,' and that it’s somehow cute because they’re old."


19."When you accidentally make eye contact with a man in public (like while waiting for the bus or in a doctor's office), and he sees that as an invitation to come talk to you, even going so far as to say something like, 'I saw you looking at me.' No, I have eyes, and you passed in front of them."

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20."Men who feel the need to comment when you do something 'masculine,' like drink a beer. You don't need to comment on what I'm doing at all, really, but it's especially dumb and desperate when you're 'impressed' that I like IPAs. And I don't want to hear your opinions on other beers; nor do I give a flying fuck about your knowledge of local breweries, etc."


21."When women are asked if they're on their period when they're emotional or sharing a strong opinion. First off, that's none of your business. Second, even if we are, we're still able to think rationally. Thank you and good night."



I hate to ask, but is there anything ELSE that men do on a regular basis that you find creepy/annoying/disrespectful? Tell us in the comments.

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.