Women on TikTok are sharing their breast reduction stories and how it's changed their lives: 'Best decision'

Each year, thousands of patients in the U.S. undergo breast reduction surgery.

While either men or women may undergo breast reduction surgery for physical or psychological reasons, an uptick of women recently shared their before-and-afters on TikTok, leaving a space for others to ask questions about the surgery. The hashtag #breastreduction now has over 1.5 billion views on the platform.

Users such as Megan Lynn (@lynnswayxx) say they have zero regrets about the surgery — especially considering the emotional and physical stress their breasts once caused.

In her TikTok, Lynn explains that she used to deal with chronic back and shoulder pain, and routinely felt weighed down by her large breasts. She often felt self-conscious in certain clothing, and ended most days with indents from her bra straps.

All of that changed post-surgery.

Now without back and shoulder pain, Lynn feels a sense of freedom to explore her style and wear new things. But the best part is that her confidence has soared.

“Best decision ive made this year,” Lynn wrote in her caption.

Other women are using their stories to encourage others who may be on the fence about getting the surgery.

“Ur sign to DO IT,” wrote the TikTok user @djaprilia in a before-and-after video of her own breast reduction.

In the clip, the TikToker shares a photo of herself pre-operation, and when the photo disappears from view, @djaprilia is dancing in a crop top and jeans, showing off her smaller chest.

Before-and-after videos are particularly popular on this side of TikTok, where many come purely to see whether or not the surgery may be for them.

In some cases, it’s an opportunity for some users to vent and ask questions about the procedure.

“I want one so bad but I’m terrified of surgery and anesthesia,” TikTok user @raynerain69 wrote on one woman’s breast reduction story.

“How much was it cuz I’m a 38DD and I’m tired of the back pain,” added @usar00009.

Women have also made TikToks devoted to the pros and cons of having the surgery. Among the positives, says @djaprilia, are things like no longer needing to buy “grandma bras” or working out at the gym in fear.

That said, it’s also major surgery, which means there is post-operation pain and scarring to keep in mind.

According to the Mt. Sinai Hospital network, breast reduction surgery requires three incisions to remove extra fat, skin and tissue from in and around the breast. Surgeons usually move the nipple and areola up higher, while also making the areola smaller, before finally closing up the incisions with some careful stitches.

Sometimes, there’s even liposuction involved to help reshape the overall look and feel of the breast.

But for those who’ve dealt with lifelong pain, stress and shame over their large chests, the risks are worth it.

“the best decision i’ve ever ever made,” shared @l_defreitas in a TikTok about her own reduction. “i’d do it again and again.”

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