Women are giving tours of their boyfriends' messy apartments for the latest TikTok trend

any woman who’s dated a man intrinsically understands that when you sleep over at a guy’s house, . you need to be prepared to step over fast food wrappers and fight for the last measly square of toilet paper. Well, on TikTok, women have decided to air their grievances via hilarious and eye-opening video tours of their boyfriends’ apartments. The now-viral trend all started on Oct. 7 when TikTok user Madelyn Krueger waved goodbye to her perfectly made bed — . and, to the soundtrack of “It’s a Hard-Knock Life,” went to her boyfriend’s place to stay the night. Krueger’s boyfriend’s place is littered with fast food wrappers. The bathroom looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since before the pandemic. Both men and women expressed their disgust in the comments, noting that the apartment was “straight out of a horror movie”. However, other users could empathize with Krueger — . and they decided to make videos of their own boyfriend’s places to show Krueger that she’s not alone. Sadly, anyone who so much as knows a straight man knows that these apartment tours are the norm