Woman's Story of Fostering and Falling in Love with Disabled Dog Is So Touching

He'll be with her forever now.

PAWS Friends Network is more than an adorable, pup-filled TikTok channel. The owner behind this account loves "helping paraplegic, amputee, wheelchair, and senior shelter dogs find homes," though it all started with the love of one special rescue dog.

Since Luke found his forever home, he's welcomed countless other pups into his world. He's the best foster brother anyone could ask for, and this precious TikTok video is his and his fur siblings' story.

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This is just about the sweetest story we've ever seen! Even though Luke and his family will always miss Queenie, we're so touched that they're honoring her by spreading the love. There are so many special needs fosters who would be lucky to call Luke's family their own!

"You are a doggy angel," wrote commenter @cshel718. "My husband & I adopt senior & special needs dogs. It’s the best." That's so special! You must be a wonderful person yourself if you dedicate your time to differently-abled pets. It must be a lot of work--but oh-so-rewarding.

If you need any proof, just look at Luke's transformation from the first clip of this video to the last. As @mariediefenderfer said, "What a cutie... he’s probably much happier with those wheels." It sure seems like it!

Having a bestie like Queenie or Noodle sure doesn't hurt, either. And how special is it that Noodle and his new family are all helping each other heal? Just like PAWS Friends Network said in the comments, "the goodest girl [is] still looking after us." And she always will be.

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