Woman's 'repulsive' wedding request leads fiancé to reconsider entire wedding

An engaged Reddit user is turning heads after sharing his fiancée’s “repulsive” wedding request. On April 13, the Redditor, writing under the username GlassAlarm, shared his story on the Am I the A***** (AITA) forum. In the post, he describes his fiancé’s request and asks whether it’d be overreacting to call the whole wedding off because of it. The Redditor begins by explaining that he got engaged a few months ago. Everything was fine — but during some subsequent wedding planning, his fiancée revealed... that “it is ‘family tradition’ to put a ball and chain on the groom at the reception as [a] ‘joke”. “I am certainly not doing that, but she seems pretty firm on it. I feel like if you want to embarrass me like that. you can host your own reception without my family and friends there. and embarrass me all you want in front of your family and friends,” he said. Because of his fiancé’s request, the Reddit user is considering calling off the wedding altogether. In the comments, people have overwhelmingly come to the groom-to-be’s defense. “What a repulsive, tacky tradition,” one comment with 18,000 upvotes reads